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If you only had one day in Taos, you could try to see everything there is to see, all six museums, Taos Pueblo , the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, Taos Plaza and the Historic District. You could try to fit in horseback riding, hiking, fishing, biking, rafting and all of the myriad of outdoor recreational activities offered in Taos County.

But that's not what Rose Marie Packard, Executive Director of the Taos County Chamber of Commerce , recommends. "What I like best about Taos is its charm, its relaxed atmosphere and the scenic beauty," Packard said. "So if you spend all day running around, you're going to miss out."
Packard said if she only had one day in Taos, she'd stop by the visitor center and get some advice. "I'd pick out the top three places I want to see," she said. "I'd visit two in the morning then stop for a relaxed lunch at one of our fine restaurants . I'd visit the third in the early afternoon. Then I'd spend the rest of the afternoon hiking, or rafting, or fishing, or looking at art, or maybe just lying under a tree, reading and dreaming about my next visit to Taos!"

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