Joshua Bryant, Executive Director

Originally a stage actor and director, and most recently a novelist, Josh has also starred, guest-starred and appeared in dozens of television shows and motion pictures. He is most often recognized as Scully, the AWOL Sergeant who had an ongoing affair with Margaret Houlihan in M*A*S*H.

Ron Henderson, Festival Programmer

Ron was director of the National Student Film Festival in New York City, founded the Breckenridge Festival of Film and, since 1978, has been Director of the Denver International Film Society, which presents year-round film-related events, including the Denver International Film Festival annually in October.

Prasuti Kirk Goss, Director, Marketing/Development

Prasuti worked in the film industry for 17 years before publishing and editing "The City Planet," an environmental newspaper in Los Angeles that distributed 40,000 copies monthly. She helped create and implement many major charity events, raising millions of dollars.

Kelly Clement, Events Director

After many years of working in the theater, Kelly received an MA in film production. In 1990 he directed Clowning Around, for which he received an Academy Award for best student documentary. He has since produced and directed numerous films, videos and multimedia projects.

Ellen Osborne, Festival Manager

Ellen has produced, directed and written features, documentaries and corporate films, working in the film business since 1987. Her films have received grants from The American Film Institute, National Endowment to the Arts and The Rockfeller Foundation.

Philip Kirk, Corporate Director

Phil has been a founder/manager/consultant to sports, aerospace and health companies, a pro ski racer, actor and business lawyer. Since 1987 he has lived in Taos, where he is a realtor and owner of a ski lodge.

Linda Feferman, Consultant

As a producer/writer/director, Linda has received an Emmy nomination and won a Special Merit Award at Sundance. Her innovative filmwork projects have been awarded twenty grants. She is currently the Media Consultant to Interop and producer for the PBS series Bionomics.

L. M. Kit Carson, Consultant

A co-founder of the USA Film Festival in Dallas, Kit has also worked with the Sundance Festival and Institute as Juror and advisor. As a screenwriter he has won an Ace/Emmy and the Grand Prize at Cannes. He now has several projects in production in Hollywood.