THURSDAY, April 6, 1995

1-2:30pm: Media Literacy Video Production class, using in-camera editing techniques

1:45-4:30pm: Educators In-Service Training Workshops & Seminars. In Conference Center Rm. A&B

Topics include:

"Media Deconstruction in the Classroom" led by Bob McCannon

"Education Online" led by Dr. Richard Bryant

"Producing Student Videos" led by Amy Melnick

"Creating a Media Literate Community in Your Home Town" led by Deirdre Downs

FRIDAY, April 7, 1995

9am-12:30pm: In Convention Center (Rm. A). Screenings and discussions of media literacy videos from the Media Education Foundation w/ Bob DiNozzi & multimedia presentation by Bob McCannon.

9am-10:30 & 11am-12:30pm: In El Taoseno Rm. Screenings and discussions of media literacy videos from Educational Video Center w/ Amy Melnick

10am-1pm: Screening of Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky & the Media, presented by David Barsamian. In Convention Center (Rm. D).

10:30am-NOON: Media Literacy Video Production class, using in-camera editing techniques.

2-5pm: Workshops & Seminars. In Convention Center (Rm. A). Topics include:

2-3:15pm: "The Right Wing Takeover of Public Broadcasting" led by David Barsamian

3:30-4:30pm: "Why Media Education? Why Not in the United States?" Robert Kubey

4-5pm: "Alternative Distribution Strategies" led by Bob DiNozzi

SATURDAY, April 8, 1995

10am-12pm: Begin Media Literacy Conference Panels. In Conference Center (Rm. A).
Opening statements and overviews. Panelists will address comments and questions from remote sites in Nairobi, Santiago, Madrid, Berlin and New York via internet e-mail feeds from remote sites to confer with Taos-based panelists). Moderated by Dr. Robert Kubey. Panelist: Bob DiNozzi, Leslie Savan, Jonathan Wacks, Deirdre Downs, Adam Clayton Powell III, Faye Kanin.

1-3:30pm: Seminars, and Panels. In Convention Center (Rm. A). Tentative topics include:

1-2:30pm: "What is Media Literacy, and Can I Have Some?" led by Shirley Gazsi

2:15-3:30pm: "The Sponsored Life: Ads, TV & American Culture" Leslie Savan

3:45-5pm: "Global Access: the New Wave of Distribution" led by Rick Bryant, Richard Goss, Derek Hart, Adam Clayton Powell, III

SUNDAY, April 9, 1995

10am-12pm: In Conference Center (Rm. A). Panel discussions continue, combining members of the film community and media literacy professionals. Moderated by Hugh Downs. Panelists: Shirley Gazsi, Dr. Robert Kubey, Steve Nicolaides, Rany Levy, Bob McCannon.

12pm-1pm: Eagle Awards presented by Hugh Downs to: