Taos and New Mexico Utilties


US West Customer Service
Residence Customers (Mon-Fri 7AM-7PM Saturday 9AM-1PM) 800-244-1111
Business Customers 800-603-6000
Centro De Servicio En Espanol
Llamadas Gratis 1 Y 800-564-1121
Special Needs Center For Customers With Disabilities
TDD and Voice 800-223-3131
Repair Residence 800-573-1311
Business 800-954-1211
Representante En Espanol Llame Gratis Al Numero Servicio De Reparacion 800-690-1611
Buried Telephone Cable Locating Service 800-321-2537
Prewiring (Residential) 800-244-1111

Mobile Communication

Decker Communication Systems Inc. 505-758-1008
Sprint Cellular (out of Santa Fe) 505-438-3900


Kit Carson Electric Cooperative Inc. 505-758-2258
After hours or emergency 505-758-2250 or 800-688-6780

Natural Gas

Gas Company of New Mexico 505-758-4222 505-758-4223


Amigo Propane Service 505-751-3206
Colomex Oil and Gas 505-758-8633
National Propane 505-776-8238
New Mexico Propane of Taos 505-758-3352
Pendleton Oil and Gas 505-758-2266
Petrolane Gas Service 505-758-4249


Town of Taos Water Resources
Treatment Plant 758-8401
Waste Water 751-2019
Water Supply...751-2019
Taos Water Resources 505-751-2019
Taos Ski Valley Twining Water and Sanitation 505-776-8845

Waste Removal

Roadrunner Recyclers Inc. 776-5550 or 758-3707
Pick-up Service (Taos County)
Sanco Inc. 751-0708 Landfill Access
Sanco Inc. 751-0708