Executive Director's Report
August, 2000

I. July Monthly Statistics A. Public Access Users Location Total Users Total Hrs Avg Session Taos 721 641 0.89 Penasco 252 525 2.08 Questa 208 98 0.47 B. Classes Intro to Email 17 Intro to WWW 26 Web Design 5 HTML 6 Total 54 Classes were provided to the Neighborhood Associations, a special training request through the MIRA grant, and 14 people attended the training. C. New Registrations New Primary Accts 86 New Secondary Accts 15 Reactivation 18 (accounts closed in June) Free Acct 1 Total 120 D. Closed Accounts Per User Request - 38 accounts Moved 17 Secondary - no longer needed 5 Lack of funds 1 Moved to another ISP 3 No reason given 3 Temporary Acct 1 Unable to connect 6 Other 2 49 accounts were closed due to past due balance of >51 days. Total number of accounts closed in July - 87 accounts E. La Plaza Service Accounts Standard $17.50 dialup acct 1883 Secondary - $15.00 acct 60 Secondary - $7.00 acct 270 Scholarship - $7.00 acct 25 Total 2238 II. Community Outreach A. Penasco - Introduction to Email and WWW classes were scheduled at the High School computer lab in the month of July. Four people enrolled, only one person attended. This was the initial attempt to offer classes in the Pensacola area. We will continue to build our outreach educational efforts in Pensacola. B. The La Plaza Open House was a success - see the webpage on La Plaza and a story in the Taos News regarding the event. The artists who designed and painted the mural, particularly Lorrie Bortner, were very appreciative of the publicity. Nancy Montano was formally presented with the CTC Innovative Leadership award by Bobbie Duran, City Councilor and a proclamation from Mayor Fred Peralta acknowledging Nancy's contribution to making Taos a better place to live. C. Tango in Taos fund raising efforts raised $3083.45 for purchasing computers for the Computer Essay Contest for youth. Nancy Montano organized the fund raising efforts and has requested she continue the efforts for Y2001. She has asked Pamela Romero, Board member, to assist her next year and Pamela has agreed. Nancy will publicly announce the 2000 Computer Essay Contest October 1, 2000. III. Funding Acquisitions: 1. McCune Foundation - $20,000 request to fund an at-risk-youth project with Arts and Technology. At this time I have not received disposition of this request. 2. ebay Foundation - requested a full proposal after the receiving the letter of intent requesting $22,500 to continue the Open Studio training for 20 additional artists in Taos County. 3. National Network of Libraries of Medicine - a grant proposal was submitted on behalf of the Taos Pueblo for $27,000 to purchase and install a 120-foot tower and 3 microwave radios and antennas. This would provide the technical infrastructure for broad bandwidth Internet access on the Taos Pueblo. NNLM is providing funding to 4 Southwest tribes for accessing health information on the WWW. As La Plaza has worked with the Taos Pueblo Indian Health Services Clinic, the Native American Diabetes project, and hosts the website of personal stories of "Living Well with Diabetes", the collaborative effort to provide the technology infrastructure will help complete the Pueblo's information technology needs. Notification of award is August 31, 2000. IV. Other Items 1. The September Board of Directors is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19 in Penasco. Is this still the Board's plan for meeting location, if so, arrangements need to be made for the room. Respectfully submitted: Judith Pepper Executive Director