Executive Directors Report
September 19, 2000

I. July Monthly Statistics A. Public Access Users Location Total Users Total Hrs Avg Session Taos 1186 1138 .96 (of the 1186 users who used public access 105 are registered La Plaza users) Penasco 161 251 1.56 Questa 222 159 .72 B. Classes Intro to Email 5 Intro to WWW 3 Web Design 7 HTML 5 Promote Web 5 Total 25 Four training sessions were held for 8 participants of the Food Sector Group of the Taos Economic Development Group. These sessions were held August 15, 16, 17, and 30. Each session was 4-hours in duration:  Using the Computer and Managing Files.  Intro to Word Processing (Using Word97).  Intro to Spreadsheets (Using Excel 97).  Intro to The WWW. New classes for the Community designed and conducted by Jovanna Poe:  Intro to Email (using web-based mail).  Parent's Guide to Safety on the Internet. C. New Registrations New Primary Accounts 64 New Secondary 11 Reactivated 21 TOTAL 96 D. Closed Accounts Closed accounts per user request - 70 Moved 28 Secondary – no longer needed 10 No reason given 9 Moved to another ISP 3 Temporary Acct 6 Unable to connect 8 Personal Reason 2 No computer 2 Temp disconnect 1 Didn’t like billing change 1 38 accounts were closed due to past due balance of >51 days Total number of accounts closed in August – 108 E. La Plaza Service Accounts Standard $17.50 acct 1894 Secondary $15.00 acct 60 Secondary $ 7.00 acct 279 Scholarship $7.00 acct 25 Total 2258 II. Community Outreach A. La Plaza was featured in the August Newsletter of National Network of Forest Practitioners. Richard Mahler, editor, attending the Dept of Commerce workshop I presented in May and he was very interested in a community networks’ service in a small rural community like Taos. I have ordered copies for each Board member. B. Barb Hah and Ray Vollmer have been identifying existing or potential public access sites in Taos and Rio Arriba counties for the AMC cancer research grant. III. Funding Acquisitions 1. LANL Foundation and denied approval of the $25,000 request to support the La Plaza training center with rehab of the space and purchase of 10 computers. 2. Public Welfare Foundation – denied approval of the $50,000 request to support the La Plaza training center. 3. National Network of Libraries of Medicine and $27,600 grant proposal to develop infrastructure for wireless service on Taos Pueblo – waiting for notification within the next few days. 4. EBay Foundation and requested 501c3 IRS status after receiving the full proposal for $22,500 to continue Open Studio training for local artists. Notification will be received in October. 5. Mc Cune Foundation - $20,000 request to for at-risk-youth training in Arts and Technology. Notification will be received in late September. 6. W. K. Kellogg Foundation and a letter of intent was submitted for $100,000 to develop the La Plaza training center. If Kellogg is interested in the project, they will request a full proposal. IV. Personnel: 1. Jane Mc Farrland was hired as Bookkeeper effective Sept 1, 2000. 2. Loretta Suazo was promoted to La Plaza Assistant Director effective August 15, 2000 and will be responsible for the departments of accounting, education and training and user account registration and billing. 3. Jovanna Poe was promoted to Learning Center Coordinator and will be responsible for the public access users, conducting current intro training, and designing new community based classes; i.e. use of web based email, safety on the Internet, etc. V. Dial Up Statistics Taos Dial Up Users Total Users 1890 Total Hrs 68948 Avg Online Time 36.48 minutes Penasco Dial Up Users Total Users 65 Total Hrs 3570 Avg Online Time 54.92 minutes Questa Dial Up Users Total Users 99 Total Hrs 5896 Avg Online Time 59.56 minutes VI. System Status - T1 to UU-Net 99% uptime Total downtime 1 hour - 56 K to Questa 90% uptime Slow during peak usage time - Penasco Wireless 99% uptime - Omni Radio and Wireless in Taos 100% uptime VII. Responses to Revised Fee Schedule 70 emails regarding both messages – initial announcement and the points of clarification and several of these responses were extreme in their negative remarks about the policy change in online time and with the new billing structure. -22 were comments supporting the change. -27 were comments denouncing the change. -21 were comments only neither negative nor positive. Respectfully Submitted: Judith Pepper Executive Director