Executive Director's Report
February 9, 1998

Remote Site Upgrades
Annual Audit and Non profit Status
New services and fee structures
Acceptable User Policy and Agreement
Monthly Data
Community Development
Marketing Plan
Future Projects
  1. Remote Site Upgrades
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  2. Annual Audit and Non profit status
    Pamela Alfred, CPA, is completing the 1997 audit. She has prepared a document of information regarding the 501(c)(3) issues, activities, and the 1997 for the Board to reference. (
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  3. New services and fee structures:
    The transition from analog modems to digital modems is going well and approximately 400 users have made the change. We are anticipating most of the users will have changed by the February 16, 1998 deadline. Notices have been sent by email, newspaper, and KTAO to remind the users of the new modems and the new dial in phone number.
    The analog modem use has decreased, with the transition to the digital modems, from the 28 modems being busy at peak hours to 18 modems being used at peak hours. Of the 48 digital modems, the highest number used has been 33 at peak hours. All total, 18 analog modems and 33 digital modems, is 51 modems being used at peak hours. A user to modem ratio will be determined and we will decide how many analog modems we will want to keep and how many we will disconnect after all the users have made the transition.
    The new fee structure was implemented January 1, 1998. Both the December 1997 bills and the January 1998 bills were sent to the users. We have collected over $23,000 during the month of January and we are unable to determine how much was for December and for January. As we have been averaging $8500 per month, it appears we collected $14500 for the month of January.

  4. Acceptable User Policy and Agreement:
    The staff met and discussed the AUP draft completed by Thom Myers, it was rewritten to be user friendly and understandable rather than the legalese. It was sent to Scott Sanger, attorney, for review. If the Board approves the draft, a resolution is required for implementation.

  5. Monthly Data:

    1. Public Access Users:
        Location #Users #Hours Average
      1/2 - 1/31 La Plaza 1964 1199.65 1.13 hours
      1/2 - 1/23 San Cristobal 44 52.00 1.18 hours
      1/2 - 1/30 Peñasco 246 340.05 1.38 hours
        Questa (no data submitted)  
    2. New Registrations:
      Taos 63
      Questa 6
      Peñasco 1
      Total for January 70
    3. New Members:
      New Members 8
      Renewals 3

  6. Community Development:
    1. Nancy Montano and I met with Taos County Chamber of Commerce Director and staff and discussed cosponsoring a Economic Development Web Fair in April or May. The fair will focus on the small business, both traditional storefront businesses as well as small office-home office (SOHO) entities. We will contact several groups to sponsor the event; i.e., Intel, Gateway, State Department and Taos County Economic Development, Senator Pete Domenici with his rural payday initiative, Taos County Telecommunications Task Force, etc. We also discussed scheduling several For Information Only presentations for the Chamber members to learn about the Internet services and how the services could enhance their business to local and tourist consumers.
    2. La Plaza had a booth in Santa Fe at the Taos County Intergovernmental Day with the Legislative Houses. We visited with Senator Carlos Cisneros, Representative Bobby Gonzales, Governor King, and other members of the legislature.

  7. Marketing Plan:
    The staff is in the process of developing a Marketing Plan for La Plaza services. The plan will focus on Taos, Peñasco, and Questa areas to increase dial in users, public access users, class participants for both the Internet classes and the web design classes. This plan will also include the areas of information technology which are not being addressed and will require funding through grants and donations.

  8. Future Projects:
    1. Complete the W.K. Kellogg Foundation MIRA Community Support Organization proposal to support the cluster of teams developed for training.
    2. Develop and submit a Department of Commerce Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program (TIAP) proposal. This project will partner with the Career Services for People with Disabilities program in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We will collaborate on the application area of Public Services to improve the delivery of services to people or organizations with a range of social service needs. The proposal is due March 12, 1998.
    3. Research for foundations, federal, and state agencies which have issued grant proposals matching the Mission of La Plaza.

Submitted by: Judith Pepper / Executive Director