Executive Director's Report

Board Meeting

October 13, 1998

Community Outreach

  1. Questa Project - the following activities were completed:
  2. I attended a meeting for the 3rd Tango in Taos Golf Tournament and fundraiser for nonprofit organizations in Taos, which will be held in June, 1999. I propose the Public Relations Committee take this project as fundraiser for 1999.
  3. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has submitted the 2nd round of RFPs for the Managing Information in Rural America projects, (MIRA). I have met with Bill Swan and he is interested in facilitating the project with the community to form the necessary teams and develop the RFP to send to Kellogg. La Plazas only participation will be to assist Bill with the grant application. If the MIRA grant were approved, then La Plaza will submit the application to be a Community Support Organization to support the teams with their special projects.
  4. La Plaza Telecommunity and Presbyterian Medical Services Foundation sent a cooperative request to the Ted Turner Foundation for 2 year funding of the public access site at the Questa Youth Center. Included in the request are dollars for the Community Outreach Trainer, an assistant for the computer lab, Field Tech Support, and some hardware. Included in the hardware dollars is money to purchase a new server for La Plaza, and upgrade the computers in the Youth Center computer lab. We will be notified in December if the grant request is approved.
  5. National Rural Telecommunications Conference: Nancy Montano and I attended the Rural TelCon Conference in Aspen on October 5 and 6. The conference attendees are organizations providing telecommunications in rural America, i.e.; telephone companies, universities, federal and state agencies, telecommunities, and private vendors. La Plaza Telecommunity continues to have a positive national reputation among the attendees. One attendee stated she reads the Board minutes on line, and is amazed at the accomplishments of La Plaza over the past 19 months! I networked with several people, the most interesting being Peter Law from the University of Virginia. Peter is coordinating with the 4-H youth groups in Virginia a technology project that teaches the youth the use of computers. I will meet with Taos County 4-H and begin a dialogue of possible collaborative projects for our youth.

Technology Update

Michael Bearden will upgrade the modem software to V.90. V.90 is a modem communication standard developed by and agreed upon by the creators of both Kflex and x2 modem communication standards. It standardizes the communication protocol for 56K Modems. Previously, x2 modems could only communicate with x2 modems and 56K Modems could only communicate with Kflex modems at 56K. With the change to V.90, La Plaza can now communicate with both x2 and 56K modems.

September Monthly Statistics

Public Access Users

Location  # users  # hours  average 
La Plaza (Taos) 1089    
Penasco 29    
Questa n/a    
San Cristobal 35    
Questa public access will be open in the next several weeks, after the training is complete for Rene Martinez, Questa community outreach trainer.


Class # of Classes # of Participants
Public Orientation 2 16
Intro to Email 1 8
Intro to WWW 2 15
Easy Web Page Design 1 7
HTML 1 7
Marketing Your Web Page 1 7
Total 8 60
Loretta Suazo held a class for Rocky Mountain Youth Corps for 10 youth and covered use of email and the WWW. She also completed a 6-week training session for 9 non-English speaking woman referred by the Community Wellness Council. These women did not have computer experience nor had they been in a recent classroom situation. Loretta held all classes in Spanish; Introduction to Computers, Windows 95, Internet, Email, and WWW. The 9 women successfully completed the classes and a several women asked for a one-hour time slot with Loretta to continue coming to La Plaza as a group.


New Primary Accounts 136
New Secondary Accts 12
Reactivated Accts 36
Total 184

Closed Accounts

Past due balances of >51 days 84
(36 reactivated)
Per User Request 32
(17 indicated they were moving)
(2 indicated they were not using)
(2 unable to access)
(11 no reason given)
Total 116

Net Change In Accounts: 68 gained

Telephone Statistics

Tech Support Calls 215
Billing 53
New Accounts 73
Hours 53
Classes 29
Web Site 10
Voice Mail 39
Other 296
Total 768

Dial-in Statistics

Location #Users #Dial-in Connect Time (hrs)
Taos 1212 63916  23,773.25 
Penasco 55 1999  2229.90 
Questa 95 3140  2418.13 
Total 1755 1333
(75% of total users)

Number of Memberships / October 8, 1998

108 Memberships

Respectfully submitted,

Judith Pepper, Executive Director, La Plaza Telecommunity