Executive Director's Report

Board Meeting

May 11, 1999

Community Development

  1. Tri-Area Association for Economic Development (TRADE) Presentation - I presented at the TRADE conference, Telecommunications in Northern New Mexico, on April 21, 1999.  La Plaza was one of 5 entities representing the northern region with information regarding the activity involving telecommunications; I presented information regarding community involvement, expansion of technical infrastructure, special projects with Kellogg and Benton foundations, and the Questa Demonstration Project. La Plaza continues to be a model in building teleliteracy in our community, and partnering with the State and private foundations to improve; and expand service.

Technology and Service

  1. Penasco Service - I am collaborating with Rick Carlisle, State Radio and Communications General Service Division, to plan and implement a wireless project in Penasco similar to the project in Questa. The partners consist of the State, La Plaza, Penasco Schools, La Jicarita Enterprises, and Picuris Pueblo. This project will provide for high speed data lines to the Pueblo,Penasco School District, and other community offices.

    I anticipate this Picuris Project will compliment the technology needs Penasco Schools presented in their technology plan to the Schools and Libraries Commission. Arnold Lopez, Technology Director for Penasco, requested a T-1 line for Internet connection between La Plaza and the Penasco High School USWest does not have the infrastructure to install that line, leaving the school district with the existing La Plaza 56Kbps line. As you know, that line provides service not only to the schools but also to the 80+ dial in users in the Penasco area.

    A meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 21, 1999 with Picuris Pueblo, Penasco Schools, La Jicarita Enterprises, LANL, State R&C, and La Plaza to proceed with the plans of collaboration and cooperation to install wireless service through the Pueblo.

  2. Questa Demonstration Project - I met with Rick Carlisle, State R&C, and discussed the continuation of service in Questa with the domo project and the possibility of La Plaza assuming the owner ship of the equipment allocated for the project. Mr. Carlisle recommend two options:

    1. La Plaza buys outright the equipment that was allocated by the State for the Questa Project.

    2. The State give ownership to one of the 4 municipal entities, his preferable choice was the school district, and La Plaza would be given management of the equipment and system.

    I am quite sure the State will not remove the equipment at the end of the project and understand the need for the inclusion of the dialin users for faster and more efficient service. Rick and I are meeting again on May 21 and I hope to have a more firm decision from the State at that meeting.

  3. Y2K Compliance Report - Tim Corcorcan, System Administrator, will give a full report at the Board meeting that will include the critical vendors, the La Plaza system, the lab computers, and the administrative equipment.

Future Funding

  1. The MIRA Community Support Organization grant was submitted for $55,000 to train the nonprofit agencies in using information technology. The decision from Kellogg will be received within the next 10 days.

  2. A Department of Education grant, Community Technology Centers Program, has been published and we will begin developing a proposal for funding. The initiative is to provide access to computers and technology, particularly educational technology, to adults and children in low-income communities who otherwise would lack that access. This program could enhance and expand our existing services and provide the funding necessary to increase our training capacity. This is due June 14, 1999 and is a 3-year funding source.

Projects for Board Consideration

In January 1999 I presented for Board consideration 3 points: To date no discussion or action has been taken by the Board. How would the Board like to approach these projects?

March Monthly Statistics

Public Access Users

Location  # users  # hours  average 
La Plaza (Taos) 960 899 0.94 
Penasco 279 282 1.01
Questa 381 195 0.51
San Cristobal n/a n/a  n/a


ClaTotalss # of Classes # of Participants
Public Orientation 3 27
Intro to Email 3 25
Intro to WWW 3 25
Easy Web Page Design 1 3
HTML 1 5
Marketing Your Web Page 1 3
Managing Mailing Lists (NEW) 1 6
Total 13 92


New Primary Accounts 99
New Secondary Accounts 14
Reactivated Accounts 10
Total 123

Closed Accounts

Past due balances of >50 days 25
(121 notices sent, 96 paid)
Per User Request 46
(19 moving)
(3 not using
(2 using other provider)
(8 unable to access)
(7 no reason give)
(3 computer not working)
(4 secondary)
Total 71
The implementation of a $25 reactivation fee has proven to be a factor in the payment of these past due accounts.

Net Change In Accounts: 52 gained

Telephone Statistics

Tech Support Calls 413
Billing 41
New Accounts 23
Hours 10
Classes 25
Web Site 5
Voice Mail 17
Other 266
Total 800

Dial-in Statistics

Location #Users #Dial-in Connect Time (hrs)
Taos 1620 97025 966854.69 
Penasco 82 3629  3440.25
Questa 116 4462 5613.54
Total 2149 1777
(82% of total users)

Respectfully submitted,

Judith Pepper, Executive Director, La Plaza Telecommunity