La Plaza Board of Directors Meeting
January 16, 2001
Executive Directors Report

I. December Statistics A. Public Access Users Location Total Users Total Hrs Avg Session Taos 693 879 1.26 hrs. (Numbers are low due to holidays and closure of lab during computer upgrade.) Penasco 201 263 1.30 hrs. Questa 134 82 .61 hrs. B. New Registrations Primary Accounts 47 Secondary Accts 4 Reactivated Accts 11 Free Accts 4 Total 66 C. Closed Accounts 109 notices sent due to past due balances, 37 closed due to past due balances of >51 days and no response to the notice. Per User Request Moved 15 Secondary Acct 1 Not using 1 No Reason given 1 No comp 3 Moved to other ISP 2 Temporary Disconnect 3 Total 26 Total Closed 63 - Accounts and Per User Request D. Classes Introduction to Email 8 Health Web Class 4 “Using the Computer” 12 - 2 classes @ $50 each participant “Word 2000” 5 - $50 each participant Easy Web Page Design 6 - 1 class @ $40 each participant Total 35 E. Billing of Excess Hours over 150 Hours Accounts Billed 42 Excess Hours Billed 3,039.15 Dollars Billed $1519.66 Dollars Collected $ 882.94 Outstanding Fees $ 636.72 F. User Online Hours Total Hours 57929 Total Users 1844 Average User Online Time 31.24hours G. System Uptime Main Server 100% Questa 99.05% Penasco 99.50% H. La Plaza Website Top 10 pages 1. La Plaza Home Page 2. La Plaza Business Director 3. Cyber Seniors 4. Open Studio Youth Project 5. 2000 Essay Contest Winners 6. La Plaza Weather 7. La Plaza Text Version 8. La Plaza Annual Report 9. La Plaza Services 10. 3rd Annual Essay Contest Winners La Plaza website received 38,572 hits in December, average hits per day of 1,244. I. La Plaza Account Stats – Provided at Board Meeting II. Community Outreach 1. The Computer Essay Contest Reception held at Centinel Bank on January 21 was very successful. The 6 winners and parents were in attendance for the computer awards, along with friends, staff, and Pamela Romero – board member. Nancy Montano has done an outstanding job in coordinating the fund raising efforts, developing the committee for judging the essays, and for the receptions. Next year we plan to coordinate the event with the Taos County Chamber of Commerce Christmas party and we will be able to have the business community in attendance and meet the winners. 2. Taos Pueblo Wireless Project – the Taos Pueblo Council approved the installation of the tower. As the newly elected Governor took office January 1, 2001, I will contact him very soon to begin implementation of the installation and getting the Pueblo connected via the wireless system. Once the system is in place, Barb Hau will begin the instructions on accessing health information online. 3. La Plaza, LANL Technology Commercialization Office, TRADE, TAG, and Rangefire Integrated Networks are planning the March 8, 2001 ecommerce Conference in Taos. The keynote speaker will be Nancy Stark, Economic Development Director for the Center for Small Communities in Washington DC. This is the second ecommerce conference planned by La Plaza and LANL, the 1st held in January 2000 and extremely well attended. LANL has developed the printed materials and promotional ads for the conference, which will be sent for publication in early February. Perhaps La Plaza board members will be able to attend part/all of the conference. 4. Americorps Volunteers – Barb Hau and the Americorps Project Director will be interviewing applicants on January 17, 2001 for the two positions La Plaza applied for this year. If approved, applicants will begin January 22, 2001. III. Funding Acquisition 1. W.K. Kellogg Foundation – application being reviewed by project team. 2. McCune Foundation – application being reviewed by Grant Director. Respectfully Submitted: Judith Pepper Executive Director -- Judith Pepper Executive Director La Plaza Telecommunity 224 Cruz Alta, Suite F Taos, NM 87571 505-758-1836