Board of Directors Meeting
March 20, 2001
Executive Directors Report

I. February Statistics A. Public Access Users Location Users Hours Avg. Hrs Taos 917 1167 1.27 Penasco 236 335 1.41 Questa 161 88 .54 B. Classes World Wide Web 13 Web Mail 6 Promote Website 6 Using Computer 6 Total 31 C. New Registrations Primary Accts 49 Secondary Accts 4 Reactivated 21 Scholarship 1 Total 75 D. Closed Accounts 123 notices sent for past due balances, 44 closed due to past due balances of >51 days and no response due to notice. Per User Request Moved 12 No reason given 3 Not using 2 Moved to other ISP 2 No comp 4 Poor connection 1 Total 24 Total Accounts Closed 68 E. Billing of Access Hours over 150 Hours Accounts billed 40 Excess hours 2586.02 Dollars Billed $1276.49 Dollars Collected $ 816.64 Outstanding Fees $ 459.85 F. User Online Hours Total Hours 58384 Total Users 1826 Average User Online Time 31.97 G. System Uptime Main Server 100% Questa 99.64% Penasco 99.30% H. La Plaza Website Top 10 pages 1. Home Page 2. Text Version 3. Weather 4. Business Directory 5. Visiting 6. Taos Pueblo Environmental Office 7. Media Lit Conference 8. EzPhotos 9. Services 10. Questa Home Page Total Feb Hits: 544,866 Avg Hits per day: 20,180 I. La Plaza Account Stats provided at Board Meeting II. Community Outreach A. ecommerce summit 2001 – held on March 8 at the Taos Convention Center. Approximately 170 attendees heard an outstanding group of presenters with specific information for web design, marketing and lessons learned. Nancy Stark, economic director of National Center for Small Communities, gave an informative and exciting presentation of the absolute need for municipal government to champion broad bandwidth and ecommerce in rural communities. Link on to view pictures and highlights of the conference. B. Taos Talking Picture Festival – met with Dan Morano to discuss La Plaza’s participation with the festival. La Plaza will provide volunteer tech assistance and several Macs for the Taos Talking Pixels. C. Town of Taos Summer Program – submitted class description and schedules for computer classes to be held at the Youth and Family Center. The classes were developed for youth and an accompanying adult. The fee for each class is $25.00, 85% of the fee to La Plaza and 15% to Town of Taos. D. Community Health Coalition: this is a newly formed group to deter drug and alcohol abuse among young people in Taos County. Barb Hau will represent La Plaza and manage the group listserve. One of the Open Studio youth will design a website for the group. III. Public Relations A. Access Magazine: link on and read I have a printed copy of the magazine and will bring it to the board meeting. The article highlights four community networks, including La Plaza. B. KRZA Public Radio: on March 6, 2001 an interview was conducted with Nancy Montano, Alex Chavez, and me about the ecommerce summit and the impact of ecommerce in rural America. C. Discovery Channel: visited Taos on March 1 and filmed for a documentary on Taos for the Discovery Civilization series. LaPlaza was included in the filming with a focus on the Open Studio artists and the online gallery. A release date is forthcoming. IV. Funding Acquisition A. McCune Foundation - requested a full application after review of the letter of intent for community outreach trainers in Questa and Taos Pueblo. The application was completed and mailed to McCune for review in April, with notification letters sent in May. B. Kellogg Foundation – I contacted Kellogg regarding the $100,000 for development of a training center. Kellogg review team will read the application the 3rd week of March and letter of notification will be sent in several weeks. C. Healy Foundation – Gene Goetz scheduled an introduction for La Plaza with Trudy Healy, which was successful. Mrs. Healy requested a letter be sent in April to her with a description of the project and funding amount. If Kellogg does not fund the training center request, a revised proposal will be sent to the Healy Foundation for funding the center. Notification will be sent in May regarding the funding decision. D. Open Studio Youth Project – Nancy Montano will complete a proposal to McCune Foundation for continued funding of the youth project. Link on and view the websites several of the youth have created. Nancy has done an outstanding job with these at-risk youth. This is an extremely worthy project for La Plaza. V. Personnel 1. Mike Ortiz has given his resignation effect March 15, 2001. Ads have been placed in various online employment services, Taos News, and Albuquerque Journal. Alex Chavez will act as interim SA, using the updated SA manual created by Mike Ortiz. Mike has offered his services for any trouble shooting assistance until the position is filled. VI. Technology Update 1. Installation of T1 line – waiting on the Internet provider, UU Net, for installation and turn up of line. The communication from UUNet states there is a software problem and once that is corrected a date can be scheduled. Respectfully submitted: Judith Pepper Executive Director --