Board of Directors Meeting
April 17, 2001
Executive Directors Report

Executive Director Report I. Monthly Statistics A. Public Access Users Location Users Hours Avg. Hrs. Taos 893 1403 1.57 Penasco 301 434 1.44 Questa 198 113 .57 B. Classes World Wide Web 12 Web Mail 4 Using Computer 9 Word Processing 3 Excel 7 Desktop Publishing 4 Easy Web Page Design 4 HTML 2 Promote Website 7 Online Investing 3 Total 55 C. New Registrations Primary Accounts 34 Secondary 4 Reactivated 30 Total 68 D. Closed Accounts 95 notices sent for past due balances, 19 accounts closed due to past due balances of >51 days and no response to notice. Per User Request Moved 17 Secondary acct (no longer using) 9 Moved to other ISP 7 No reason given 5 Temporary disconnect 4 Computer broken 1 Angry at Billing 1 Total 44 Total Accounts Closed 63 E. Billing of Access Hours over 150 Hours Accounts billed 38 Excess Hours 2536.34 Dollars Billed $1268.27 Dollars Collected $ 313.36 F. User Online Hours provided at board meeting G. System Uptime provided at board meeting H. La Plaza Website Top 10 pages provided at board meeting I. Account stats provided at board meeting (Alex is attending a web and systems conference in LA and will return to the office on Thursday, April 12 - I will have this information at the Board meeting) II. Community Outreach A. Taos Talking Picture Festival provided volunteer assistance with Taos Talking Pixels. Alex designed the TTP website. La Plaza received a sponsor ad in the program. B. La Plaza participated at the Penasco Career Day on April 11, 2001. Staff presented to the Junior and Senior students about technology professions. C. La Plaza is collaborating with the Taos Chamber of Commerce Mentoring Program. This program is designed to provide a student and a mentoring business the opportunity to learn about specific professions. The Mentoring committee is working with the Taos School Board to redesign the curriculum that will graduate a skilled labor force. D. Taos Training Alliance an alliance formed by the Taos Business Alliance to determine the business community training needs. E. Represented La Plaza at a reception for Penncro Associates, Inc. A PA business considering Taos as a location for a 200 seat call center. I discussed La Plaza providing computer training, if Taos is chosen for the location of the call center. III. Funding Acquisition A. McCune Foundation - $10,000 proposal pending review. B. W.K.Kellogg Foundation A$100,000 proposal pending review; moved to 3rd week in April rather than March. C. Healy Foundation - $50,000 proposal pending review. IV. Personnel 1. Alex Chavez has been promoted to System Administrator effective April 1, 200l. 2. Redesigning Web Master position to a possible time job. V. Technology Update The 2nd T1 was installed on March 30, 2001. This line originates from Denver and provides redundancy should the line coming from Phoenix go down. It also provides load balance for the dial in users and wireless service. As Qwest is now providing local dial in for the Enchanted Circle and Penasco, phone calls to Taos do not require a toll charge. The La Plaza users in these communities can now dial in to the Taos modems rather than using the P&Q modems. The feedback from these two communities is that service is better using the Taos modems than the local modems. I have discussed the removal of the modems, 56K lines, and servers with both Alex and Mike. We three agree this is the best service delivery for these communities. This increase of Taos modem use could require another modem bank be installed. The monthly cost of 24 more modems is $900, which is the same monthly cost as the P&Q modems and 56K lines. Respectfully submitted, Judith Pepper Executive Director