Board of Directors Meeting
May 15, 2001
Executive Directors Report

Executive Director Report - May 2001 I. Monthly Statistics A. Public Access Users Location Users Hours Avg. Hrs. Taos 800 1300 1.63 Penasco 214 294 1.38 Questa 93 75 .81 B. Classes Using Computer 4 Word Processing 7 Desktop Publishing 4 NLM database training 10 (special training conducted by Barb Hau) TOTAL attendees 25 No Web classes taught as Nancy Montano was on vacation for two weeks and was involved with the Open Studio Youth project and planning the gallery opening held on May 5. C. New Registrations PPrimary Accts 20 Secondary Accts 1 Reactivated 10 Scholarship 2 Total 33 D. Closed Accounts 105 notices sent for past due balances, 28 accounts closed due to past due balances of >51 days and no response to notice. Per User Request Moved 22 Secondary Acct (not using) 4 Deceased 1 Moved to other ISP 3 Not Using 4 Temporary Disconnect 4 No Reason 4 Other 4 Total 46 Total Accounts Closed 74 E. Billing of Access Hours over 150 Hours Accounts billed 31 Excess Hours 2507.96 Dollars Billed $1254.05 Dollars Collected $ 951.13 F. User Online Hours – no data for April as the script is being rewritten for accuracy. G. Account Stats – sent in a separate email. II. Community Outreach A. I have begun meeting and discussing La Plaza mission and services with community members in Eagle Nest and Angel Fire. The Angel Fire community meeting will be held on Friday, May 18,2001 in the Angel Fire Community Center from 12:00 1:00 PM. A PowerPoint presentation is beingdeveloped to introduce La Plaza services to the visitors: staff and board members, Internet access, web hosting, computer and web design classes, Help Desk and technical support. My goal is to create interest in La Plaza and learn what the community members see as their technology needs.

B. Nancy planned and executed the Open Studio gallery opening at the Yaxche Learning Center on Saturday, May 5. The artists hung and displayed their artwork, the computer lab had the gallery online, and visitors came and enjoyed the art and meeting the artists. There is an article of the gallery opening and website in the May 10, 2001 Taos News Tempo. Nancy did a splendid job with the entire project.

C. La Plaza is collaborating with the Taos County Chamber of Commerce and Holy Cross Hospital in writing a grant to the LANL Foundation for funds to staff the Mentoring project developed with the Chamber and Taos School District. I will write the letter of intent using Holy Cross Hospital’s 501c3 tax status, as La Plaza will be submitting its’ own letter of intent for a special project to LANL Foundation.

D. La Plaza is being represented by Barb Hau on the Taos Regional Action Coalition (TRAC), a broad based community health coalition for youth health concerns in Taos County. La Plaza will manage the listserve for the group and will help youth in designing a website.

E. Submitted supplemental funding proposal in partnership with Holy Cross Hospital Community Wellness Program's renewal application for "Breath Freely" Smoking cessation support program to NM Dept. of Health Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Program (TUPAC). Requested $6000 for La Plaza to train 8 Taos area youth in web page design to create web pages addressing smoking and tobacco use information specific for Taos residents during the 2001-02 school year. Proposal was funded *$8000* beginning July 2001 for La Plaza. This $8000 will be used for staff training time and materials for the youth.

F. Barb Hau presented to the New Mexico Public Health Association "Bridging the Digital Divide: Efforts to provide consumer health information for New Mexicans" on April 19 and 20 at the Taos Convention Center. G. La Plaza provided a two week internship for Tomas Lujan, Taos Pueblo Red Willow Resource Center employee. Tomas will be facilitating the RRWC and providing some training for the tribal members. III. Funding Acquisition A. McCune Foundation – the $10,000 proposal was approved and the check has been received. This proposal provides for a Community Outreach Trainer at the Taos Pueblo and computer software training for the Village of Questa employees. B. Kellogg Foundation – the $100,000 proposal was declined by Kellogg. C. Healy Foundation - $50,000 proposal pending review. D. McCune Foundation – submitted a $25,000 continuation grant for the Open Studio At-Risk Youth project. E. LANL Foundation – a $20,000 letter of intent will be submitted to LANL for a traveling Community Outreach Trainer in the Enchanted Circle communities of Angel Fire, Eagle Nest, and Red River. IV. Personnel Nancy Montano was given additional responsibilities of Web Master with an increase in annual compensation. Nancy has gained experience and skills in web design and management the past several years and will be mentored by Alex Chavez in managing the La Plaza website. V. Technology Update A. Coincidentally on Monday, April 30, a virus corrupted one administrative computer and the billing and bookkeeping machines had Windows problems causing a delay in the May billing. La Plaza technical staff required technical assistance from Integrity Networking in finding and correcting both problems. This was an excellent learning opportunity for Ray and Alex in removing the horrendous virus on the Open Studio project computer and learning more about the complex (?) Windows system. The technical term best describing the Windows problem was “goofed up.” All 3 machines were restored to maximum operating capacity.

B. The Questa and Penasco modems and 56Kbps lines will be de-activated on Tuesday, May 15, 2001. La Plaza has notified and sent weekly reminders to the two communities of the change in dial up numbers for Taos modems. The feedback from these users transitioning to the Taos modems has been complimentary and positive.

C. Rick Bagley, Integrity Engineer, will provide on-site Network training for Alex and Ray on May 21 and 22. This training is being tailored for the La Plaza Sun Solaris UNIX system and several specific requests that Alex has for security systems. Respectfully submitted, Judith Pepper Executive Director