Board of Directors Meeting
June 19, 2001
Executive Directors Report

Executive Director Report - June 2001 I. Monthly Statistics A. Public Access Users Location Users Hours Avg. Hrs. Taos UNKNOWN DUE TO SERVER ERROR Penasco 220 326 1.49 Questa 114 87 .77 B. Classes Intro to WWW 5 Easy Web Design 4 Custom Training 10 (Yaxche Learning Ct traded the use of their computer lab for the Open Studio Gallery Opening. Nancy provided training and view the web pages at No computer classes were offered as Jovanna was on vacation. C. New Registrations Primary Accts 48 Secondary 5 Reactivated 16 Scholarship 1 Total 70 D. Closed Accounts 138 notices sent for past due balances. 28 accounts closed due to past due balances of >51 days and no response to notice. Per User Request Moved 11 PC stolen 1 Not using 3 Moved to ISP 1 Total 16 E. Billing of Access Hours over 150 Hours Accounts billed 45 Excess Hours 2765.91 Dollars Billed $1382.83 Dollars Collected $ 853.92 F. User Online Hours – script still in revision. II. Community Outreach A. Angel Fire Community Meeting was held on Friday, May 18 at the Angel Fire Community Center. Seven community members attended, as did Ira Schwartz and Pete Warner. Nancy Montano, Ray Vollmer, and I gave a brief description of La Plaza services and then held a Q&A period. The meeting created interest and certainly created dialogue between the Angel Fire community members. B. A 12 month Memorandum of Agreement was signed with the Taos Pueblo Day School to develop a La Plaza sponsored public access site in the Day School computer lab. A Community Outreach Trainer contract was signed with Annabelle Romero, Taos Pueblo tribal member and a former trainer with La Plaza. Annabelle will facilitate and provide training in the lab for tribal members. This is an excellent site to accomplish our objective of education and training and assist in “closing the digital divide” on the Taos Pueblo. C. La Plaza was invited to participate with Town of Taos officials in visiting xalisco, Mexico (sister city to La Plaza). As I was unable to attend, Nancy Montano attended and gave a PowerPoint presentation using web design to increase tourism and business for small communities. The story is on the La Plaza home page and was in the Taos News this past Thursday. D. I was elected to the Association For Community Networks national board. Most of the communication will be on the network listserve and if travel is required AFCN will cover all expenses. E. I was also invited to present in San Diego, CA at the Community Technology Center Network national conference, June 14-17 – all expenses are reimbursed by the conference. III. Funding Acquisition A. Healy Foundation – the foundation approved $25,000 of the $50,000 request to develop the training center. B. TechMuseum – is offering a $50,000 award for solving a serious problem or challenge with broad significance in technology. I am submitting the Penasco wireless project for consideration! IV. Actions Items A. Fund Raiser – I recommend the board consider an email request to all users describing the plans for the La Plaza Training Center, the grant received from Healy Foundation, and a request for a $10.00 donation from each user to complete the dollars required for the training center. B. Air conditioner for La Plaza administration – I have gotten a bid of $1,576.26 from Bond Plumbing to install a large swam cooler on the admin side of La Plaza. Mike Stanford, property owner, will only cover 25% ($394.07) as he provides a discounted rate for our lease of space. This is not a line item nor is it required for equipment maintenance, etc. Respectfully submitted, Judith Pepper Executive Director