Board of Directors Meeting
July 17, 2001
Executive Directors Report

Executive Director Report - July 2001 I. Monthly Stats A. Public Access Sites Location Users Hours Avg. Hours Taos 976 1140 1.24 hours Questa 293 219 .75 hours Penasco 120 236 1.97 hours Taos Pueblo 149 Lab opened 49 hours in June. B. Classes Intro to Email 9 Intro to WWW 5 Basic Computer 2 Easy Web Design 8 HTML 6 Total 30 C. New Registrations - Primary Accts 17 Secondary 3 Reactivations 6 Total 26 D. Closures 84 notices sent for past due balances, with no closures due to lack of payment. Per User Request Not Using 10 Moving 4 Moved to ISP 4 Connect Problems 4 Total 22 E. Billing of Access Hours Accounts billed 31 Excess Hours 2,261.22 Dollars Billed 1,130.61 F. User Online Hours Total Hours 53,360.34 Total Users 1892 Average Online 28.21 hours II. Community Outreach A. Very Special Arts - Beth Rudolph, ED, was referred to La Plaza by Gene Goetz for possible
presentations by La Plaza at their September conference in Taos. Nancy Montano will present on the
Open Studio grant and online gallery and Barb Hau will present on researching health
information on the WWW. B. Texas Community Technology Center grants - Dukes and Company, a private consulting firm who is
writing CTC grants for 10 small communities in Texas, contacted me about La Plaza hosting 50+
community members for a conference in November 2001. La Plaza would host a two-day organizational
lessons-learned conference for the communities who are awarded the CTC grants. Ray Linder,
consultant, and I discussed compensation for La Plaza staff-time for the two day presentation.
Details to be completed in the future. C. Taos Pueblo Public Access Site - the newly created public access site on Taos Pueblo opened on
June 11 and 149 youth and adults visited the Day School Computer lab thru June 27. Taos News
published the press release in the July 12 newspaper describing McCune Foundation as the funding
source for the new La Plaza public access site. III. Action Items: A. Fund Raiser - board discussion of the June request for a fund raiser asking La Plaza users to
donate a small amount to complete the funding required for development and implementation of the
training center. B. Youth Essay Contest for Computers in Fall 2001 - any ideas from Board members in how to fund the
contest for computers this year. The computers will be presented at the Taos County Chamber
of Commerce annual Christmas party with the business sector. IV. Technology Report: The old modem banks, modems and servers were retrieved from Penasco and Questa locations. The La
Plaza users in those locations are very satisfied with the new local dialin service provided by Qwest. Respectfully Submitted: Judith Pepper Executive Director