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Executive Directors Report

Executive Director Report - August 2001 I. July Monthly Statistics A. Public Access Sites Location Users Hours Avg. Hours Taos 1215 1284 1.06 hours Questa 278 409 1.48 hours Penasco 275 670 2.44 hours Taos Pueblo 236 lab open 63 hours in July B. Classes Intro to Email Intro to WWW 1 There were no web classes offered in July as Nancy completed web design training via a contract with the Questa
Mira Youth group and the Open Studio Youth projected funded by McCune Foundation. C. New Registrations Primary Accts 31 Secondary 5 Reactivation 4 Scholarship 1 Total 41 D. Closures Approximately 200 notices were sent for 51 days past due balances and only 38 accounts were closed. Per User Request Moved 15 Changed ISP 1 Not Using 6 Not Needed 1 Total 23 Total Closures 23+38 = 61 E. Excess Hours Accounts billed 36 Excess Hours 2043.76 hours Dollars Billed $1,021.88 F. User Online Hours Total Hours 55,048.21 Total Users 1897 Average Online 29.01 hours II. Community Outreach A. Public Information: A huge effort went into informing community based organizations and the general public in the computer classes that are being offered at La Plaza. Jovanna Poe
contacted the northern NM Senior Citizen Centers and Summer Youth Programs regarding the classes that
are being held in La Plaza; she also discussed using local computer labs for classes.
Advertisements in the Taos News and Sangre De Cristo Chronicle, Taos County Chamber of Commerce
newsletter and online calendar, and a multitude of flyers sent for distribution. B. Taos Regional Health Coalition (TRAC) - Barb Hau is a member of the group and through this group
a website for tobacco information will be designed by 8 youth. A smoking cessation grant was
written and approved with $8000 designated for La Plaza to train the youth in computer use and web
design for development of the website. III. Fund Acquisition A. Markle Foundation - a $50,000 grant was submitted to Markle Foundation to assist with the
development of the training lab. The focus with Markle is training in using technology to access
health information on the WWW. B. Los Alamos National Labs Foundation did not approve the $27,000 letter of intent submitted for
a Traveling Community Outreach Trainer in the Enchanted Circle. IV. Technology Report A."Error 629", disconnect at time of login problem has been addressed. An entire report is being
submitted to the board for equipment upgrade consideration. Respectfully Submitted: Judith Pepper Executive Director August 17, 2001