Board of Directors
September 18, 2001
Executive Directors Report

Executive Director Report - September 2001 I. August Monthly Statistics A. Public Access Sites Location Users Hours Avg. Hours Taos Pueblo 63 and 11 Taos Day School staff trained on Basic Computer Skills. Lab closed from
8-4 thru 9-4 for cultural ceremonies. Penasco 205 291 1.42 hours Questa 150 150 1 Cisneros Youth and Family lab closed on 8-26, will reopen when a Community Outreach Trainer
can be hired to replace Renee Martinez. Taos 1096 1039 .95 hours B. Classes Intro to WWW 4 (4 senior citizens) Using Computer 9 (1 senior citizen) Desktop Publishing 4 WebMail 4 Total 21 C. New Registrations Primary Accounts 44 Secondary 8 Reactivation 27 Total 79 D. Closures 116 notices were sent for 51 days past due balanced and 37 accounts were closed due to lack of
payment. Per User Request Moved 34 Not using 4 Closed Business 3 Changed ISP 5 Retired 1 Not Needed 1 Total 48 Total Closures 37 + 48 + 85 Accounts E. Excess Hours Accounts billed 35 Excess Hours 1488.76 hours Dollars billed $744.38 F. User Online Hours Total hours 54,716 Total users 1877 Average Online Time 29.15 hours II. Community Outreach 1. The agreement between La Plaza and Town of Taos Youth and Family Center has been approved
for La Plaza to manage the computer lab at the center. Tuesday, Sept 18, I to the City Council
the goals and objectives in managing the center. I will begin the search for the Community
Outreach Trainer who will facilitate the public access hours and use by the community and youth
at the center. Jovanna Poe and I will develop a brochure of class content and schedule for the classes that will
be offered at the YFC computer lab. I hope to begin public access hours in October and classes
in November. 2. I presented in a workshop at the Los Alamos National Lab Foundation annual meeting on
August 24, 2001. Elmer Salazar, LANL, and Cristina McCandliss, Regional Development Corporation,
and I collaborated on a PowerPoint presentation of the technology needs for a nonprofit agency.
Arnold Lopez, Penasco Schools' director of technology, was in the audience. 3. La Plaza is developing a contract with the Boys & Girls Club to manage the Questa Youth and
Family Center computer lab. The B&G will assume management of the center from the Village of
Questa. Gene Goetz has been instrumental in procuring the B&G Club funds that will be used to
contract La Plaza's Community Outreach Trainer for the computer lab. The B&G will award the
funds to La Plaza and the public access site will continue being facilitated La Plaza. 4. Barb Hau and I attended a meeting in Denver to discuss the AMC Cancer Grant on August 29 -30.
Barb is continuing to effectively manage the grant goals and objectives La Plaza has been
assigned. With carryover money from the first year, La Plaza was able to contract with
Tonia Lujan, Taos Pueblo tribal member, to assist Barb with administrative and program support
of the grant. 5. The smoking cessation CyberYouth project has begun. I reported in August that $8000 has been allocated to La Plaza to train youth in computer use and web design to develop a smoking cessation website for Taos. Barb Hau will coordinate the project and Nancy Montano and Jovanna Poe will train the youth. III. Fund Acquisition 1. Markle Foundation - pending approval of $50,000 request. 2. TechMuseum Awards - La Plaza was not chosen as one of the nominees for the $50,000 innovative technology awards. IV. Technology Report To be reported at the Board Meeting. Respectfully Submitted: Judith Pepper