La Plaza Telecommunity
Board of Directors Meeting
October 16, 2001

Executive Directors Report

I.	September Statistic
A.	Public Access Sites
Location		Number of Users	Number of Hours Open
La Plaza		931			48
Penasco		262			36 hours
Questa			Lab not open due to vacant COT position
Taos Pueblo		113			50 hours
(note - number of hours for public access sites now reflects the actual hours opened per month, not the
number of hours used by the visitors) B. Classes Intro to WWW 5 Intro to Email 5 Word Processing 3 Easy Web Design 8 HTML 8 Total 34 C. New Registration Primary Accounts 26 Secondary 3 Reactivations 12 Total 41 D. Closures 130 letters were sent for 51 days past due balanced and 35 accounts were closed due to lack of payment. Per User Request Moved 26 Not Using 3 Changed ISP 3 Computer not wking 4 Bad phone line 2 Unable to connect 2 No reason 1 Total 40 Total Closures 35+40=75 accounts E. Excess Hours Accounts billed 31 Excess Hours 1324.22 Dollars billed $662.11 F. User Online Hours Total Hours 52157 Total Users 1829 Average Online Time 28.51 hours II. La Plaza Grant Projects 1. CyberYouth Project (Holy Cross Hospital initiative) Eight youth chosen to participate in the project ( development of a website by youth focused on smoking
cessation). Press Release in Taos News regarding project. 2. McCune Foundation Youth Open Studio Project This grant ended September 30, 2001. The websites created by the youth can be viewed from the La Plaza
home page. The final report was submitted to McCune Foundation with the websites and digital stories
placed on a CD for the foundation's achieves. I recommend board members go to the website and view these
creative images created by the youth. La Plaza will apply to McCune Foundation again in December, 2001 to expand the project and train more youth
in the next grant cycle. 3. AMC Cancer Research Grant 4 conference calls held regarding recruitment, training, and measurement of data. Photos taken of roadside fruit vendors in Taos and Rio Arroba counties. Contact made with vendors and participants for pre-surveys of web content. Staff meeting to discuss the 2001-02 timeline of grant activities. Barb Hau presented in Boston at the Future of Health Technology Conference held at MIT, September 24 - 26,
2001. The presentation consisted of the La Plaza technology health issues and projects including
the AMC grant. 4. Town of Taos Youth and Family Center Ad placed in the Taos News for a Community Outreach Trainer - interviews to be scheduled upon receipt
resumes. Public access will begin at the YFC once the COT is hired and trained. 5. Questa Youth and Family Center Waiting for signed MOA from Boys and Girls Club. Placed ad in Taos News for a Community Outreach Trainer. The woman whom I offered the job, declined as
was offered a full time job with the Village of Questa. The Computer lab will reopen once the COT
is hired
and trained. III. Technology Report 1.La Plaza Tech Support web page - Nancy Montano has completed the tech support page and once the staff
providing tech support complete their evaluation of the FAQ's and the sites with links, the page will be up
and ready for use by La Plaza users. 2. New modems were ordered and will be installed within this week. The 3Com refund for the old
modems was extended through October 28 and we will receive a $50.00 refund for the 48 old modems. 3. La Plaza Public Access Lab and Training Center - Planning discussions have been held with La Plaza staff for the development and implementation of the computer-training center. Ray
Vollmer conducted a computer and site survey at the Town of Taos Youth and Family Center (YFC) and found
that their computers do not have the software and hardware capabilities required for the classes
La Plaza will be offering to the public. However, the computers meet the requirements for
public access use. Therefore; to maximize current staff and space and efficiently allocate the Healy
Foundation funds in developing the La Plaza computer-training center, the La Plaza public access site will
be moved to the YFC. The current La Plaza computer lab will be used only for training classes. The following activities are being completed to make the transition: Hire and train Community Outreach Trainer for the YFC, Order new computers for the La Plaza computer-training center. (the old computers will be upgraded and
6 will be used for the annual Youth Essay Contest.) Develop a training brochure with class content and schedule and begin marketing the training center. Notify La Plaza public access users of the change of sites from La Plaza to the YFC (this will begin when the COT is hired.) 4. Obsolete equipment: La Plaza has advertised for a "give-away" day on Saturday October 13 from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. The obsolete equipment will be distributed on a first come, first
serve basis - the leftover equipment will be taken to the county dump. This equipment has been evaluated
by tech staff and meets the Obsolete Equipment Policy requirements. Respectfully submitted: Judith Pepper Executive Director