La Plaza Telecommunity
Board of Director Regular Meeting

Centinel Bank Conference Room
May 15, 2001 4:00pm

Pete Warner
Ira Schwartz
Tom Meyers
Damon Benson
Judith Pepper

1. Meeting called to order at 4:00pm by Warner
2. Minutes approved
3. No members present

4. Tech report - Judith Pepper
a. Two 56k line and modems deactivated today in Questa and Penasco. Good response from members in those areas liking new
    Taos dialup.
b. Dialup statistics will be available next month.
c. Rick from integrity to do training next week with Alex and Ray. Also to review security measures.

5. ED Report
a. Discussion of the low class size. Concern at what level this type of service is valuable.
b. Friday, May 18: meeting with Angel Fire Community, noon at 1:00pm at Community Center. Advertising in Chronicle underway.
c. Plan to got to Eagles Nest and Cimmarron in June.

6. Financial Report
All funding resources report shared with groups. Discussion of declining revenues in the light of declining users. Pete calculated that if things stay consistent we should have enough cash for the balance of the calender year.

Discussion of giving 30 days free to new users ( those who have not had La Plaza accounts in the past six months).

The motion was made seconded and passed to accept finance report.

7. Committee Reports
PR - Art gallery opening was a huge success.

Education - request made to add FAQ section to website. Judith to follow up with Nancy.

By-Laws - member complaint about typos.

8. Board Discussion
Confidentiality Statement - discussion to consult with attorney to investigate pros and cons of asking Board members
to sign confidentiality statement.

Meeting ajourned 5:30pm