Minutes of the Open Board Meeting - December 11, 1996
La Plaza Telecommunity Board of Directors

Meeting of the Board of Directors of La Plaza Telecommunity Foundation Friday, December 11, 1996

Present: Patrick Finn, Paul Cross, Tracy McCallum, Arnold Lopez, Robin Collier, George Zopf, George Ellison, Thomas Myers, Absent: Executive Director Cyd Strickland.

Called to order by Zopf at 4:10 PM:

Agenda was approved with the addition of financial discussion, Ellison's 3 items, document delivery status, change of registered agent, lawsuit status report, staff on Board.

Moved and seconded by Collier/Myers to thank Tracy McCallum for his service on the Board. Passed unanimously.

A report was made by Zopf and how agenda should be set. Board members need to call him ahead of time to put items on the agenda, more can be added on approval of agenda at the meeting. It was agreed on need to follow up on items where no action was taken.

Discussion followed on the role of Strickland on the Board, clarifying that the Executive Director attends meeting only for reporting purposes. Discussion followed on need for open Board meeting and it was agreed on the need to act on this soon.

It was moved and seconded by Cross and Finn to table a public statement. Passed unanimously.

Discussion followed on the appropriateness of staff being on Board and Ellison stated his position that this should not be allowed. Others agreed but no action was taken.

Financial information was presented and Ellison discussed his desire that measurement of objectives achieved be matched with funds budgeted. He questioned how budget process will proceed with Strickland and the Executive Staff. Cross made a presentation of the budgets for the Kellog Grant, the Dept. of Commerce grant and the unrestricted/Trading Post budgets and incomplete financial statements. Discussion and questions followed.

Finn brought up the need again for orientation of the Board and his frustration that decisions were being made before getting this "big picture". It was agreed to meet on December 19th to hear such a presentation.

Finn reported on a contract that he contended needed to be signed with the New Mexico Dept. of Development for training of 10 to 16 community networks in New Mexico for 24 to 120 trainees and 4 internships. It was moved and seconded by Finn and Cross to approve the signing of the training contract. After discussion in which Board members questioned the urgency of signing an agreement that they had only seen at this meeting, and Finn emphasizing that La Plaza would lose the contract if it was not signed immediately, the motion passed.

It was moved and seconded by Cross and Finn to approve the budget as presented and lift the expenditure limitations. After discussion the motion was withdrawn and a new motion made by Collier/Myers to approve just the December budget and lift the expenditure limitation just for items in the December budget. This was passed with Cross and Finn voting no. Discussion followed on payments on "back pay" and it was moved and seconded by Collier/Ellison that all payments be removed from the budget. Passed with Cross and Finn voting no.

It was moved by Myers/Lopez to appoint Collier as registered agent for the Foundation. Passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 PM.

Respectfully Submitted;

Adopted by the Board

Robin Collier

May 19, 1997

Secretary of the La Plaza Board

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