La Plaza Telecommunity
Board of Directors Regular Meeting

Tim's Chile Connection
June 8, 1999

--LANL approved a grant for $22,597 - the entire amount requested by
  La Plaza - for a new server machine.
--Artists' reception, June 24, for the Benton Foundation project. Artists
  who were awarded training modules will be present. Board and staff are
  encouraged to attend.
--DOE grant application is due June 14.
--La Plaza has still not heard about the Kellogg MIRA grant application.

Call to Order                            Thomas Myers, President
Approval of Agenda                       Thomas Myers, President
Approval of May Minutes                  Thomas Myers, President
Executive Director Report                Judith Pepper, Executive Dir.
Treasurers Report                        Reva Suazo, Treasurer
Committee Reports  
          Membership                     Thomas Myers, Chair
          Public Relations               Peter Alexander, Chair
          Nominating                     Thomas Myers, Chair
          Youth Advisory                 Thomas Myers, Chair
          Fund Raising                   Dawn Redpath, Chair
          Education                      Ira Schwartz, Chair
          By-laws                        Thomas Myers, Chair
Board Discussion                         Thomas Myers, President
Members Comments                         Thomas Myers, President
Next Meeting
       July 13, l999 --6:00 pm., Penasco
Adjournment                              Thomas Myers, President

Call to Order by Vice-President Wichmann at  6:11 p.m.

Present: Alexander, Goetz, Lopez, Redpath, Schwartz, Suazo, Wichmann,
Pepper (Executive Director), Corcoran (interim System Administrator),
Medina (staff), Ortiz (technician) and members Erich Kuerstner, Ereon
Simpson, Jerry Simpson. Guest Luis Reyes, General Manager, Kit Carson
Electric Cooperative.  Board Members Absent: Gunn, Myers

Approval of Agenda
Alexander asked to add fee structures to Board Discussion.  Redpath
asked to add a discussion of the Executive Director's evaluation.

MOTION to approve agenda: Alexander
SECOND: Redpath
VOTE: Agenda approved.

Approval of May 1999 Minutes.
Alexander asked that the minutes be corrected to include a request to
the Executive Director to research benefits packages and bring samples
of same to the board for consideration.

MOTION to approve as corrected: Alexander
VOTE: the May 1999 Minutes were approved.

Guest Speaker, Luis Reyes, General Manager, Kit Carson Electric.
Summary: The State Legislature has voted to deregulate the electric
industry in New Mexico in 2001, and, while electric cooperatives may
decide to compete or not, the right to make that decision is not
expected to last. Therefore, in preparation, Kit Carson Electric (KCE),
which serves Taos, Colfax and Rio Arriba Counties,  has decided to
begin a major diversification program, adding natural gas, propane and
an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to the services it will offer.  KCE
believes customers will want to purchase a package of gas, electric,
alarm systems and telecommunications from a single source if available
and they see such diversification as critical to their own survival.

KCE has scheduled a meeting with the Penasco School Board and plans to
approach other area school boards and businesses to see if there are
unmet needs KCE could address. This is not being done, according to
Reyes, to harm the relationships these organizations have with La
Plaza. However, the KCE Board is very serious about this. They voted in
May to establish an ISP, set aside "a lot of money" to get the job
done, and have authorized putting the legal requirements in place.

KCE is aware US West will likely not provide the infrastructure needed
but they are looking to Tri-State to provide enough to enable KCE and
La Plaza to partner/ collaborate to improve, expand and provide service
to the KCE service area. KCE is aware they are new and lack experience
whereas La Plaza does things well.

In discussion, it was pointed out La Plaza is much more than an ISP.
Further, as an organization, La Plaza has invested 5 1/2 years in
building a relationship the community...the schools, the clinics, the
hospitals and others. What KCE proposes must not undermine this.
Further, there is no other T-1 line into Taos and USWest is not likely
to provide one in the near future. Finally, there was question as to
whether KCE can be as cost effective as La Plaza and still make a

MOTION the Executive Director open discussion with Reyes and KCE, supported
by an ad hoc committee from the board: Alexander 
SECOND: Schwartz
VOTE: To approve. Committee to consist of Pepper, Alexander, Lopez,
Schwartz and Goetz

Executive Director's Report--Judith Pepper

See written report

Committee Reports:
   Treasurer's Report: See Profit and Loss report.

   Membership Committee: None

   Public Relations: Alexander met with the ED about the upcoming Expo,
   LANL Grand and has been in contact with the media. He will write and
   submit articles in support of La Plaza.

   Nominating Committee: None

   Youth Advisory Committee: None

   Fund Raising: Redpath reported that $1,300 was raised from the
   community for the Taos Tango III.  She would like to reevaluate fund
   raising efforts with the board to see if the way fund raising is now
   being done is worth the time and energy being spent.

Education Committee: See written report submitted by Schwartz.

By-Laws Committee: Wichmann is waiting for approval from the State
   PRC of the amended bylaws.

Member Comments: Jerry Simpson thanked the board for web coordinating
and web site from La Plaza and has received donations from users for
the benefit of Officer Coleman.

Board Discussion:
Redpath opened discussion on ED evaluation and proposed a new form be
used for the next evaluation.  Redpath, Schwartz and Alexander
volunteered to put together a new evaluation form that also includes
self-evaluation of the board.  There was not a written evaluation for
the board to review.

Redpath also opened discussion about where the board stood on fund
raising. Goetz commented that one of a board's responsibilities is to
insure the organization is fiscally sound, and this means fund raising
in one form or another.  The board agreed to look at La Plaza's needs
and at fund raising efforts which put La Plaza in the limelight.

MOTION: to cancel the August open meeting and instead hold a separate
session to finalize the vision and mission statement for La Plaza.
SECOND: Schwartz
VOTE: To approve.

The board will, in place of the August meeting, hold a retreat August
21, at the San Cristobal Ranch, to work on the vision and mission.
Goetz will put the vision statement from the earlier retreat on the
internet, along with a format for further development, so responses an
be developed in preparation for the August meeting.

The next open Board meeting will be July 13, 6:00 pm, in Penasco,
followed by a September meeting in Questa.

The board tabled discussion on equipment policy discussion and on a
replacement for Chris Gunn.

MOTION: to form an ad hoc committee to examine fee structures: Alexander.
SECOND: Redpath
VOTE: to approve.

Alexander, Suazo, Wichmann and Lopez volunteered to be on the committee
to look at the fee structure. This meeting will be the last week in
June or first week in July.

Wichmann noted he still needs bios, photos and committee descriptions
from committee heads and new board members to update the board web

The open meeting was adjourned at 8:50.

The board went into executive session at 8:55.  No voted were taken
or decisions made in executive session.