La Plaza Telecommunity
Board of Directors Regular Meeting

Penasco Community Center
July 13, l999

--Obsolete equipment will be advertised and given away to anyone, as is.
--The fee structure will be increased effective September 1, l999.
--The Executive Director has the authority to sign checks up to a $300. limit.
--Penasco needs more free public access and other resources.
--Mountain Ambulance Service's tower in Llano may be of use for Penasco wireless.

Call to Order                    Thomas Myers, President
Approval of Agenda               Thomas Myers, President
Approval of June Minutes         Thomas Myers, President
Executive Director Report        Judith Pepper, Executive Dir
Treasurers Report                Reva Suazo, Treasurer
Committee Reports  
          Membership             Thomas Myers, Chair
          Public Relations       Peter Alexander, Chair
          Nominating             Thomas Myers, Chair
          Youth Advisory         Thomas Myers, Chair
          Fund Raising           Dawn Redpath, Chair
          Education              Ira Schwartz, Chair
          Bylaws                 Thomas Myers, Chair
Board Discussion                 Thomas Myers, President
    Policy for obsolete LaPlaza equipment
    On line motions
    -- fee structure
    -- check signing authority
Members Comments                 Thomas Myers, President
Next Meeting
       September 14, l999 --6:00 pm., Questa
Adjournment                      Thomas Myers, President

Call to Order by President Myers at  6:02 p.m.

Present: Goetz, Lopez, Myers, Redpath, Suazo, Pepper
(Executive Director),  Medina (staff), Ortiz (technician) 
and members Dan Moore, Catalina Muniz, Jean 
Nichols and Alfredo Dominguez. Absent: Alexander, 
Gunn, Schwartz, Wichmann

Approval of Agenda
MOTION to approve agenda: Lopez
VOTE: Agenda approved.

Approval of June 1999 Minutes.
MOTION to approve: Redpath
VOTE: the minutes of June 8,1999 were approved.

Executive Director's Report :
    See Written Report. 
    Under #4.
    It is important for us, as an ISP, for them to know what 
    La Plaza does and that LaPlaza is interested in and
    capable of providing education and training. Further, it 
    is important that LaPlaza get involved in economic 
    development but not in a financial way.

Treasurer's Report:
    See Profit and Loss Report. Audit is almost complete. 

Committee Reports:  
    Membership: Myers reported three new members had joined La
    Plaza and asked that new members be highlighted on the home
    page. Pepper will assign this task to Nancy Montano.

    Public Relations:

    Nominating: Myers appointed Redpath and Alexander as co-chairs
    of the nominating committee. Myers asked that they begin in
    September to gather nominees for the November Board elections.

    Youth Advisory: Redpath, Lopez and Myers went to the meeting
    in Battle Creek. Myers asked La Plaza to host a web page for teens.

    Fund Raising:

    Education: Myers reported the questionnaire prepared by the
    committee will likely be distributed next month.

    Bylaws: Myers will gather recommendations before the election.                                                                  
    Policy for obsolete LaPlaza equipment
      MOTION to send out notices that obsolete equipment will be given
      away to anyone as is.
      SECOND: Lopez
      VOTE: to approve.

    On line motions
    1. fee structure
        MOTION to approve a new fee structure as of September 1, 
        l999, as follows:
          $17.50 for primary accounts, personal or business.
          $7.00 for first and second primary accounts, personal or business.
          $15.00 for third accounts and thereafter, personal or 
               business: Alexander
        SECOND: Wichmann
        VOTE: to approve 

    2) check signing authority
	 MOTION single signature check signing authority be given
	 to Executive Director Judith Pepper for amounts up to and
	 including $300: Redpath
        SECOND: Lopez
        VOTE: to approve 

    Redpath reported she met with Alexander, Wichmann, Suazo and
    Schwartz to review and reviewed a new evaluation form for the
    Executive Director; such evaluations to be annually, in September,
    beginning this year.

Members Comments                                                     
    Jean Nichols commented on the need for free public access in

    Dan Moore asked that the Board consider posting its 990 on the
    internet as a service to non profits, that La Plaza consider
    putting in place board training and development and that
    LaPlaza provide more resources to the Penasco area.

    Jean Nichols reported Mountain Ambulance Service has a 100 to
    120 foot tower in Llano that can hit San Antonio Mountain and
    may be of service for a wireless to Penasco.

    Other comments: Too many busy signals.

    MOTION to adjourn: Redpath
    SECOND: Suazo
    VOTE: to approve.
    Meeting adjourned: 7:25 p.m.
Next Meeting:
    September 14, l999 --6:00 pm., Questa