La Plaza Telecommunity
Board of Directors Meeting
March 19, 2002

Executive Director's Report

February Stats

1.  Public Access Sites
Location			Number of Visitors		Number of Hours Open
Taos YFC			741				30
Penasco			284				34
Taos Pueblo			216				42

2.  Classes
Questa Training	10
Using Windows	  4
Excel			  7
Word Basics		  3
Getting Started	  3
Publisher		  5
Intro to Web		  6 (free class)
Intro to email		  6 (free class)
Individual training	  2
PowerPoint		  4
Optimizing Images	  4
Cyberyouth		  5
Total			59

3.  New Registrations
Primary Accts		20
Secondary Acct	  6
Reactivations	            15
Total			41

4.  Closures
108 notices were sent for 51 days past due balance and 38 accounts were closed due to lack of payment.

Per User Request
Moved	 	8		Not Using	3	Another ISP	4
No reason	1		Could not connect 1
Total 17

Total Closures 38+17 = 55
5.  Online Hours
Total Hours 	54625
Total Users	  1767
Average Online Time   31 hours

Training Center Update
Jovanna Poe, Nancy Montano, and Ray Vollmer have been working together to develop the class
structure and curriculum for the classes being offered in the Training Center. As the class
attendance shows, attendance is up and thus the class revenue is up. Jovanna was charged with
developing the training structure and has successfully accomplished the initial phase of the center. Listed are the classes being offered to the public: Using Windows Excel 2000: Beginning (advanced to be offered in May) Word Basics Getting Started Using Your Computer Publisher Downloading and Installing Software Creating CD's and Backing Up Files Optimizing Images PowerPoint 2000 Create Web Pages with Front Page Express Hawk Mechanical requested assessment and training for 8 employees including basic computer
training for some of the employees. This type of customized training will be offered to the
business sector in Taos. Jovanna is also completing the training for the Village of Questa
employees funded by McCune Foundation. New brochures will be provided for the board at the meeting. Funding Acquisition 1. Gates Foundation - $55,000 grant approved for installing a tower for wireless service on the
Taos Pueblo! Taos Pueblo also applied for funding from Gates Foundation to develop a training
program with training and consulting expertise from La Plaza. This grant was also approved. 2. TechFoundation - 3.McCune Foundation - denied the $10,000 request for funding the Community Outreach Trainer at
the Town of Taos Youth and Family Center. Technology Update 1. Wireless System for Taos Customers: Integrity Networking analyzed the shared wireless
network on Friday, March 8 and recommended an upgrade of the networking hardware. This upgrade
will allow for double the bandwidth on the wireless network as it load balances the access point
of entry for the wireless customers. 2. Alex corrected the problem on the Sun server that caused the list serve service to be
interrupted. He believes it was due to a power outage that corrupted the software and finding
the problem took more time than Alex first anticipated. 3. On Feb 27, 2002, Pete Warner and I attended the Taos Municipal School Board meeting and
discussed the technology changes from a wireless system to a landline system. Pete and I had
also met with Superintendent Roberto Gonzales and the Technology Director on February 21
regarding said changes. I submitted 3 questions to the School Board and received answers to the
questions developed by Ed Ramsey, Technology Coordinator. I will go over these q&a at the board meeting. Finance/Accounting 1. Pete Warner and I met with Doug Swinehart, CPA, and requested a bid for completion of the
2001 audit. Once received the Finance Committee will meet and discuss the bid from Benn&Neel
CPA's and Mr. Swinehart for the audit. 2.Finance Committee and Treasurer's report provided at the board meeting. Respectfully submitted: Judith Pepper