La Plaza Telecommunity
Board of Directors Meeting
April 16, 2002

Executive Directors Report

I. March Statistics
A. Public Access Sites
Location    Number of Visitors  # Hours Open
Penasco    273        36
Taos Pueblo   192        46.5
Youth and Family Center  764        30

B. Classes
1.  Classes for Fees
· Using Windows  4
· Beginning Excel  7
· Word Basics  3
· Getting Started  1
· Virus Protection  4
· Computer Tune-ups 2
· Networking Basics 5
· Easy Web Page Design 5
· Total            31
2. One on One Tutorials at YFC – 6 attendees for WWW and Email.
3. Village of Questa Training provided by McCune Foundation grant – 12
4. CyberYouth Classes – 4 classes – 6 attendees
5. Total Trainees – 55

C. New Registrations
· Primary Accts 49
· Reactivations 17
· Total  63

       D. Closures
 146 notices were sent for 51 days past due balance and 25 accounts were
closed due to nonpayment of balance.

 Per User Request
 Moved  13 Not Using 6 DSL 5 Switched ISP 5
 Miscellaneous   8 Computer problems 4
 Total 41

 Total closures - 25+41 = 66

   E.  Online Time
· Total Hours 59460
· Total Users 1787
· Average Online Time 33.27 hours

II.  Ongoing Projects
    A.  CyberYouth – website completed –
Radio interviews were conducted with Barb Hau and the participating
youth on KRZA and KTAO. The CyberYouth “World Premier” will be
conducted at the Clean Air Taos Event on Saturday, May 4 at the Taos
Convention Center. La Plaza Board will receive an invitation to attend.
A continuation grant was submitted for 2003 and the amount was
increased from $8,000 to $15,000 so more youth can be recruited to learn
about web design while learning about the effects of tobacco.
B. AMC Cancer Project – The two Taos COT’s have been hired and are
receiving orientation for their community involvement. Barb Hau and UNM
representatives will be hiring COT’s for Rio Arriba County within the
next few weeks. Once all are hired the training will be conducted and
the actual community involvement and research will begin.
The Cancer Research Group is transitioning from the AMC Cancer
Research Facility in Denver to begin collaboration with the Cooper Heart
Institute in Dallas, Texas. A facility will be opened in Denver and the
research group will begin affiliation. The cancer grant and
collaborative partners will remain the same and an amendment to the
Subcontract will name Cooper Institute as the fiscal agent.
C. Training Center – An aggressive marketing approach has begun to
advertise the new center and classes being offered for the public.
Jovanna Poe has recommended the classes be offered every other month
rather than monthly. The most sought after class is Beginning and
Intermediate Excel. We will continue to market the center and meet the
computer training needs of the community. III. Technology A. Wireless upgrade - was conducted by Integrity engineers on
Wednesday, March 27. Alex sent a message to our wireless users asking
for feedback regarding service and we received answers from the
following: · Holy Cross Hospital – the service is better and they are averaging
500k. The responder states “I know we need more bandwidth now.”
· Town of Taos – they haven’t noticed an increase in speed; however, the
Town was not experiencing bandwidth problems. · FPMT – noticed some improvement. IV. Financial Doug Swinehart, CPA, will submit a letter of engagement to conduct a
review rather than a full audit. He hopes to have the letter to me for
the board to consider by April 16, 2002 – he is working with several
clients to meet the April 15 deadline for taxes and is quite busy! Respectfully submitted, Judith Pepper