La Plaza Telecommunity
Executive Directors Report
May 21, 2002

I.  April Statistics
A.  Public Access Sites
Location		Number of Visitors		Number of Hours Open
Penasco			256				32
Taos Pueblo			168				45.5
Youth and Family Ct		941				30

B.  Classes
Getting Started	4
Word 2000		7
Windows 98		5
Excel 2000		4
Easy Web Page 	6
Total		          26

C.  New Registrations
Primary Accounts	26
Secondary Accts	  5
Reactivations		18
Total			49

D.  Closures
155 notices were sent for 51 days past due balance and 40 accounts were closed for nonpayment.

Per User Request Closure
Moved		11	Not Using	7		Switched ISP	9
Miscellaneous	3	Computer Broken  3
Total 33

Total closures - 40+33=73

E.  Online Time
* Total Hours	56326
* Total Users 	1758
* Average Online Time	32.04 hours

II.  Current Projects
A.  Cyber Youth - project culminated on Saturday, May 4 with the unveiling of the website at the
Town Convention Center. Barb Hau conducted the presentation of the website and invited
Mayor Peralta to present the stipend checks to the 5 youth participants. Pete Warner and Ira Schwartz were also in the audience. B. AMC - Jovanna Poe and Barb Hau conducted Orientation and Training for the 4 COT's from Taos
and Rio Arriba Counties who will eventually begin involving the local community in using the
5Aday website with the research design. Pete Warner met the COTs and welcomed them to La Plaza and the project. C. McCune Foundation - Community Outreach Trainer at Taos Pueblo and Village of Questa computer training. This grant ends May 31, 2001 and a report will be submitted to the McCune Foundation for the two activities that were funded. There is unused money to continue the COT at the Day School
through the summer months. III. Community Development A. Community Technology Center Network Leadership Institute - I attended the institute in San
Antonio, Texas April 29,30 and represented La Plaza as a mentor to 3 Texas based technology
centers. The workshop discussed planning and implementation of technology
services for communities. B. I met with Elizabeth Palacios, Taos Community Foundation Director, and discussed issues and
ideas for collaboration of training nonprofit organizations, particularly with technology needs. C. I met with Penasco Superintendent, Andy Torres, and discussed the continued collaboration of
the Penasco High School computer lab as a public access site sponsored by La Plaza. Mr. Torres
agreed this is a much needed service and approved the continued service. D. I reported to the Town of Taos City Council on the success of the collaborative efforts for
the public access site at the YFC. I presented the number of visitors since November 6, 2001 and
the funding requests to develop the multimedia lab at the YFC. E. Nancy Montano continues representing La Plaza with the Taos Training Alliance and chairs the
Marketing committee for the board, of which she is a member. The TTA will be developing a
brochure that will include member information and a website for TTA members and their individual trainings, with links to organizational websites. III. Technology The following will be discussed in-depth at the Board meeting: * Decker Tower co-location for wireless service. * Taos Pueblo tower. * Postini junk mail and virus service. * 1-800 dialin number for La Plaza users. * Upgrade of connection speed for Internet backbone. IV. Funding Acquisition A. McCune Foundation - submitted a Letter of Intent for $20,000 to fund the COT at Taos Pueblo
and the COT at the Town of Taos Youth and Family Center. If funded the hours for the YFC COT
will be increased to 40 hours weekly from 30 hours. B. Handspring Foundation and Daniels Fund - two Letters of Intent were sent to these two funding
sources to develop a multimedia lab to be located at the YFC. The total request is $54,000 and
if funded included in the costs are personnel, hardware, software and digital imaging equipment. V. Financial Report to be provided at the board meeting. Respectfully Submitted Judith Pepper