La Plaza Telecommunity
Board of Directors Meeting
June 11, 2002

Executive Directors Report

1.  May Statistics
Public Access Sites
Location			Number of Users		Hours Open
Penasco				201			   30
Taos YFC				766			   30
Taos Pueblo				201			   55

PowerPoint	3
Optimizing Images for the Internet	5
Easy Web Page Design		2
Getting Started			3
Using Windows XP			7
World Wide Web (no charge)		5
Netscape Email (no charge)		3
One on one Training			2
AMC - 5 sessions			4 COT's
Total					34

New Registrations
Primary		21
Reactivations		26
Total			47

116 notices were sent for 51 days past due and 37 were closed due to non payment.

Per User Request Closures - 39
Moving	16		Not Using	6	Computer broken   2
Switched ISP	  9		Not Satisfied	2	Unknown   4


Online Time
Total Hours	54540
Total Users	1746
Ave User Online - 31.24 hours

II. Postini Junk Mail and Virus Protection

To date, 605 users have subscribed to the Postini Spam and Virus service.  As you know there was
an interruption of service June 1,2 when we converted from the free service to the service for
fee. As the message stated, the deluge of email from the users who chose not to purchase the
Junk Mail service clogged the mail server and service was disrupted. III. Update of Technology Projects We are moving forward slowly in trying to upgrade our service and equipment at La Plaza: 1) Linking La Plaza to Zianet on Decker Tower via a Tsunami 10 MPPS 5.9 Ghz radio. This link
will enable La Plaza to have fractional DS3 Internet backbone connectivity. A radio link
is required as Zianet is located in an area where the cottonwood trees are higher than our existing 40 foot tower
at La Plaza. Decker Tower will enable us a point to point line of sight over the cottonwood trees. The cost for the
hardware is approximately $20,000. 2) Wireless broad bandwidth to La Plaza customers using the Decker Tower. I am having to apply
for a Special Use Permit for presence on Decker's tower. I appealed the application process with
the Taos Planning and Zoning Commission and they denied my appeal. I am following thru with
the application, however, Scott Sanger and I have a meeting with Mayor Peralta on Monday, June 17
to ask for an administrative waiver as the full application is a
deterrent and hindrance to serving the community at large. 3) DSL service - What equipment does La Plaza need to deploy DSL? I am researching these costs
and hope to have them before the June 18 board meeting. III. Funding Acquistion Update: 1) Healy Foundation - waiting for notification of the $15,000 request to upgrade system equipment. 2) McCune Foundation - waiting for notification of the $24,000 request for public access trainers
at Town of Taos YFC and Taos Pueblo Day School. 3)Daniels Fund and Handspring Foundation - waiting for notification of $54,000 request to develop
a multimedia lab at the YFC. 4) Los Alamos National Lab Foundation - submitted a $22,500 request for a "traveling trainer" to
offer training and multimedia workshops in the 4 public access computer labs in Penasco, Questa,
Taos Pueblo, and YFC. Total Requests - $115,500 IV. Community Outreach and Development 1. Continuing to work with Taos Pueblo with the Gates Foundation Native American Initiative to
build the tower for Internet connection. 2. Attended the Taos Business Alliance annual dinner and meeting. La Plaza Telecommunity
submitted a $3000 inkind letter of intent in supporting the Alliance. These inkind dollars
are projected for personnel, training, 1 email account, and web site maintenance. 3. Attended the New Mexico Leadership reception at the home of Mayor Peralta. 4. La Plaza Telecommunity is collaborating with Taos Community Foundation to hold a workshop
"Non Profits in the 21st Century" in the fall. I will keep the board informed as we progress
with the conference. 5. Taos Training Alliance - Nancy Montano represents La Plaza at these meetings and is
designing a brochure that describe the membership organizations. Respectfully submitted Judith Pepper Staff Birthdays in June Jovanna - June 13 age - unknown! Nancy - June 20 - 50 years of age! Judith - June 27 - 40+ and holding! Cake and ice cream have been the fare of the day - stop by at 10:00 am on any of those days and celebrate with the staff! Gifts are optional!