La Plaza partners with organizations locally, regionally, and nationally. Partnerships are developed based on many different levels but generally fall into the following categories:

Public Access
Organizations that work with La Plaza to provide one or more computers available for public access during business hours, evening or on weekends. The components for public access can be provided by La Plaza or partnering organizations.

Content Development
Organizations or individual that work with La Plaza to provide content and assist with actual development for the Virtual Library. La Plaza provides training to individuals and assists in fostering partnerships for sharing personnel and computer resources.
Examples of content development partnerships are:

Community Development
Organizations or individuals that work with La Plaza to share knowledge and infrastructure to work towards a common goal of developing a better community.
Examples of community development partnerships are:

Organizations or individuals that work with La Plaza to provide training to the community or and organization. La Plaza may provide the facility and the curriculum.
Examples of training partnerships are:

Regional/National Partnerships:

  1. Los Alamos National Laboratory - cooperative work with schools, economic development projects for welfare reform, equipment donation requests, community development projects.

  2. New Mexico State Health Department - partnering with La Plaza for a Fellowship to the National Library of Medicine, providing technology assistance to the local State Health Department's office and web page development.

  3. New Mexico Department of Education - interacting with local school districts and Department of Education in implementing the FCC discounted rate for Universal service for connectivity for schools. Cooperative association for State and Federal policy with telecommunications effecting schools.

  4. Taos Association of Museums - providing training for web page development and content for the Virtual Library.

  5. New Mexico Department of Libraries - interacting with local public libraries and the Department of Libraries in implementing the FCC discounted rate for Universal service for connectivity for schools. Also, assisting with an RFP for a "Train the Trainer" statewide project for training community volunteers to teach Internet Access.

  6. New Mexico Department of Communications - cooperative development for cost effective connectivity with radio waves for rural, remote communities.

  7. New Mexico Advocates for Children and Families - assisting with the campaign development in notifying the New Mexico children and families of the FCC ruling and discounted rate for all schools and libraries for connectivity.

  8. New Mexico Department of Economic Development - involved in a statewide project discussion of assessing, training, and placement of welfare clients with the welfare reform. (This is in conjunction with Senator Domenici's work projects.)

  9. Taos Pueblo - training the Environmental Protection Department in web development and Internet sevices. Provide connectivity to the Taos Day School. Discussion and development for connectivity of all Pueblo offices - Governor's office, Warchief's office, Central Management Systems Office, programs and the NTIA grant at the Taos/Picuris Indian Health Services Clinic.

  10. Picuris Pueblo - providing training for the Environmental Protection Department in Internet services. La Plaza is working with them for content for the library.

  11. La Jicarita Enterprise Zone - discussing public access though the Department of Labor's computer located the the La Jicarita office, providing connectivity and web page development.

  12. Center for Media Education - this is the funding agency for #7 campaign for public awareness. The director will attend the community planning meeting with La Plaza when Frank Odasz comes for telecommunity discussion.(the center is located in Washington.,)

  13. WESST Corp - will involve this agency in the econcominc development planning.

  14. Congressman Bill Redmon and Senators Pete Domenici and Jeff Bingamin - requesting support for Federal projects and grants, assisting the Senator in development of economic development, education, health initiatives involving telecommunications.