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Searching the WEB

There are many “search tools” on the Web that let you do keyword searching

Mastering these “search tools” is your key to this warehouse of knowledge


What are Search Tools on the Web?

Where are the Search Tools located?

Netscape Net Search Window

Scroll down for “More Tools”

Why do we need “search” tools?

Search tools ...

Search Engines vary according to:

Use the right tool for the job!

Searching for a general topic

Subject Directories ...

Searching Education on Yahoo

Browse or Search in Education Category

Education menu options

Summary for General Topic Search on Education

Other useful WEB GUIDES are:

Searching for a Specific Topic

Comprehensive Search Engines:

Basic Searching Skills Step 1

Basic Searching Skills Step 2

Basic Searching Skills Step 3

HotBot’s Home Page

PPT Slide

Summary for Specific topic Searching

Remember: more specific search statements yield the best results!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, try another search engine. They are easy to find !

Using a Meta-index Search Engine

Internet Oracle

Fine Tuning your Search

Fine Tuning your Search

Boolean Basics

Boolean Basics

Selected Search Engine Reviews



Alta Vista


Quality Control

Quality Control

Future Trends

Help for Citing Electronic Information:

Sample Citations:

Sample Citations:


Author: Nancy Montano