Read Write & Type!
By Rona Ortega

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Introduction | Task | Resources | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion

Help Lefty Ladee and Righty McKay, the Helping Hands, begin each lesson by introducing one letter and its sound or pairs of  letters and their sound.  Be careful!  Vexor the Virus arrives in his spaceship to attack the fantastic world of the Storytellers inside the computer.  The Storytellers, in your computer, need your help to rescue the letters he steals and to keep their stories safe by writing them down.

We will be working on level 3 - lesson 9, 10, 11, and 12.        Resources
Read Write & Type CD by Learning Company Process
Day 1-  Work on lesson 9 and 10
    Lesson 9: K (Kit the Kite)
    Lesson 10: TH (Tut and Hug)
Work on: Day 2-  Work on lesson 11 and 12
    Lesson 11: D (Daff the Doughnut)
    Lesson 12: N (Nana, Jack's Grandmother)
Work on: Day 3- Visit E-Mail Tower Day 4- Create a picture Day 5- Put work on the web Evaluation
Students will earn a certificate after each level

Students will learn to read through hands on activities while having fun!

Introduction | Task | Resources | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion