Nursery Rhyme Fun

Has your mother ever read nursery rhymes to you at bedtime or anytime? Then you know how much fun they are to recite or sing. This web page is about many nursery rhymes. You might already know some of the nursery rhymes and some, you will learn for the first time.

The Task

This lesson will introduce you to the world of Nursery Rhymes.

You will click on different links in order to learn more about Nursery Rhymes.

Use your ears to listen carefully to the nursery rhymes as they are sung.

You can sing along by clicking on the play button. You can sing the song more than one time. Some of the links that I listed only have the words. I want you to read the rhymes aloud several times. Choose one nursery rhyme to recite to the class.

After viewing several nursery rhymes you will choose one of the activities below to do for a grade:

You will sing one nursery rhyme in front of class.

You will recite one nursery rhyme in front of class.

You will draw a picture of one nursery rhyme.

You will act out one nursery rhyme with two or more friends.


The Process
  • Click on firstlink:
  • Choose a Nursery Rhyme from the list.
  • Read the Nursery Rhyme aloud.
  • Click on the music.
  • Listen to the music.
  • Click on the music again and this time sing along.
  • Repeat as many times as you want. Then choose a different song.
  • Do the same with the other links except some do not have music.
  • Choose your favorite nursery rhyme to get graded on.


    Learning Advice

    Once you have listened or read at least ten nursery rhymes, choose one that you like to sing for the class. Practice so that you know it well. You can also print it out. You can choose friends to act it out in front of class. One can read it or sing it while the others act out the story. Also, if you choose to you can draw a picture of your favorite rhyme. One other thing you can do for a grade is recite the nursery rhyme in front of class. You must stand up straight and speak loud and clear. Practice so that you know your rhyme well.


    After completing this assignment you will have learned at least ten nursery rhymes. You will be able to identify the nursery rhyme by listening to the music. You will also be able to sing, recite or act out at least one nursery rhyme for the class. Also, you will be able to tell your teacher the name of the nursery rhyme after you hear one verse recited by the teacher.

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