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Volunteer Activity Descriptions

Clerical Support

Individuals are needed to help in our office by typing, mailing, answering phone calls, and assisting in a variety of additional support services.

Help Desk

Individuals will be responsible for providing support to current and potential La Plaza users both in person and over the telephone.


Individuals are needed to assist with building and maintaining La Plaza's Web Site. Each will be assigned a La Plaza section to maintain and expand on.

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Web Page Developers

Individuals will work with selected non-profit organizations as mentors to assist them in developing their Web pages to be placed online. Will also work with organizations who have a presence online to ensure that their sites are maintained and updated in timely manner.


Individuals are needed to train in the following areas:
Internet Classes
Web Site Design Classes
Advanced HTML

Traning Assistant

Individuals needed to assist Trainers by offering one-on-one help to trainees during class time.

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One-on-One Tutor

Individuals will work in the TLC or public access sites as assigned to help new users become acquainted to La Plaza, the Internet and the WWW.

Tech Support

Individuals will help with user problems and issues related to their connection to La Plaza.

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