Jeremy Jeremy Bad Hand
10th grade - Chamisa Mesa High School
Parents:  Terrie Badhand

Until recently, I never gave much thought to a computer and the millennium under the same category. In order to view all aspects of this new situation, I must ask myself; how will computers effect the new millennium and me? In order to respond to this question, I must address the three following issues. The next millennium, a computer and Internet access in the next millennium, and myself.

First question I choose to address, is that of the next millennium. What does the new millennium mean to me? Many so called prophets, wise men and women, and religious leaders throughout the world believe the turn of the century is going to be the end of the world. In a sense, this is not entirely false. I believe that the new millennium represents not the end to world, but the end to "the world, as we know it. The Y2K bug introduces a problem, which we have created and cannot remove. Some might say that fate is taking course. Throughout the history of mankind, people lived without help of mechanical goods for decades, centuries, and even many more millenniums. The evolution of the computer is very recent and is a relatively new thing to society. The Y2K bug is fate. This is a chance for everyone to realize that computers are a privilege to life and not a crutch. The chance to follow the right path is upon us and shall only come once. Become active and present some intelligence.

What do I wish to see in the new millennium? There is no way I can say I want to live without computers. I do want to see people doing things they can do on their own without the help of technology. I want to see technology used for good, such as helping the less fortunate, passing on knowledge, and embracing humanity. Other things I wish to see in the new millennium are of little importance in the global and personal need for computers and technology.

Where do I see myself in the next millennium? This is a query that is very difficult to address. It is impossible to foresee where I will be in the next millennium. The range of possibilities is almost endless. The most I can do is hope that I will be in a position where there are no problems distracting from the task at hand. Preparing for the next millennium with a computer and Internet access.

How can a computer and Internet help me in the new millennium? in many ways, a computer can prove to be very useful in the new millennium. Ironically, a computer was created to make things easier and faster. In order to prevent a worst case scenario, we must use a computer to do the opposite of the original purpose: working slowly and doing it the hard way, which I am not completely certain about, will prove to be the best way to prevent problems. The next issue I would like to identify is that of computer literacy and can only be addressed by a specific question from my perspective.

How can I use the skill and/or knowledge I learn or have learned to help me home, school, and community? Computer literacy is not a common term among society and only recently entered my vocabulary. The definition of computer literate is: knowledgeable or educated in computers; One who can read and write computer language; A well informed, educated person in aspects of computer technology. This includes typing skills, computer programming, word processing, and Internet comprehension. By being computer literate, I can help my friends, family, fellow students, and faculty by passing my known information on to those who are interested in computers. This information will then be passed on to their apprentices and to theirs, etc., etc. Thus will allow important and useful information to be passed on to the future.

My experience with computers is a little greater than that of most people. I have been messing around with computers, digital equipment, and video gaming since I was around age four. In the time of my short life, I have owned a grand total of three computers each increasing in technological value. Around ages eleven through thirteen I began volunteering at a computer organization know as La Plaza. There I began learning web sites, Multi User Dimensions (MUD), E-mail, and computer programming.

I have a basic plan for my future, which so far is not that hard to follow. I have been playing the sport known as hockey since I was seven years old. In the eleven years I have been working on computers, I have come with a small set of priorities. I have been training intensely for years in hockey. I plan on playing in the National Hockey League (NHL). If for any reason I cannot continue with my hockey career due to injury or exposure, I have the computers to fall back on for a living. In order for my plan to completely work, I need a computer to keep practicing on.

To whom it may concern, I will present a little bit of my personal information. I am a Lakota Sioux Indian born in Englewood Colorado, on May 4 of 1984. I live in a family of seven people in an average sized house in the town of Taos, New Mexico. I attended school at the private school know as Taos Valley School from first grade to sixth grade. I was then transferred to Taos Junior high for seventh and eighth grade. I have attended the high school for a short period in time before I moved to Chamisa Mesa High. I have been there ever since and am achieving a 3.2 grade point average. I intend to do well in school throughout the rest of my requirements in high school and college.


Tetsuro "Tony" Namba