Nick Woodall></td><td><b><font face= Nicholas S.R. Woodall
9th grade - Taos High School
Parents:  Pat and Carmen Woodall

About myself
I am a 14-year-old 9th grader that attends Taos High School and computers play a large roll in my life. I hope to have a large impact on technology and the economy, as well as be involved in computer advancements in the fields of computer design and graphic art. I have been a hockey player for nine years and a referee for five years. My grade point average has been consistently above 4.0 and I have been in honors society and journalism for 2 years. Computers play a large role in my busy scheduled life. I hope to have a large part to do with computer advancements in the fields that make opportunities possible for upcoming youth. . I went to Costa Rica in 1998 with a study group and I compared volcanic compositions here to volcanoes there and a computer was a large part of that research trip.

What the new millennium means to me.
The new millennium to me is not just 12:00 midnight, the one second when it starts. That is just the beginning of a unique time period that in my mind will be the most important time period of my life. The new millennium as I see it is a chance for my generation to understand the problems and possible futures that exist and to take action in creating a better world. All people should learn better awareness through communication and information supplied by technology. I have the opportunity to take what is science-fiction fantasy and merge it with technology to help produce a safer and more peaceful world. I also see this time period as an opportunity for the world and its occupants to take a leap in the direction of a more "perfect" world. Perfect to me means less pollution and crime as well as a peaceful, more ""satisfying" life for more individuals. The new millennium plainly holds my future! 1 hope to be able to make a better future for our future generations and myself. Living on the edge and using our wits will be mandatory. Having skills that allow us to compete at a high level is necessary. Having the compassion to care is essential to have a healthy world as well as its occupants.

What I want to see in the new millennium.
 In the new millennium I want to see three main ideas developed.
 #1 - I would like to see technology advance rapidly and become a larger part of my life. I want to see advances in our homes in both styles of living and making food creation so life can be easier. Also advancement in living styles pertaining to entertainment and computers for learning in education.

 #2 - Another idea that I would like to see is a world with less pollution by using solar cars and cars that run on carbon dioxide or something similar that does not hurt the atmosphere. Also I would like to see a way to replenish the atmosphere and take oxygen and turn it into water or carbon dioxide into oxygen as well as other ways of helping the earth. I would also like to help find a way of preserving the earth's plants and animals so they have fewer poachers and a better population so they wouldn't become extinct.

 #3 -The third thing is that the future generations will have the chance to do the same and continue to evolve and improve this world like I will. But also that they have access to the same beneficial tools such as computers and the chances to utilize them such as this one. I want them to have both the "lock," improving and creating a healthy world and economy and the 'key," technology and the will to care.

Where I see myself in the next millennium.
In the next millennium I see myself in an occupation involving computers and technology. There are three jobs in particular that I am interested in. One of the jobs is serving as a computer designer of hardware and software for both education and development. The second one is in computer graphic art, such as three-dimensional art. I have two cousins in this field and I am fascinated with the art and technologies possibilities. I plan on going to graphic arts school and creating graphic art for a living. The third thing that I am interested in doing in the new millennium is sharing my knowledge with future generations and giving them the chances that I have had. I will be helping with programs such as awarding computers to children to help them and promote technologies possibilities. In the next millennium I mainly see myself involved in technology and its progress, to stay informed about the world and its people as well as their capability and safety is important to me.

How a computer and Internet access can help me in the next millennium.
A computer with Internet access would help me in many ways. First of all, it would aid me in my quest to understand technology and possibly teach about it in the future. The main reason is that it would help with school so I could prepare for college, and develop my graphic art career. It would encourage and make all of the above statements possible for me to pursue. The Internet makes it possible to search for and submit scholarship requests. World and local news is available to stay aware of crises in my areas of interest. My skill of information processing are developed in every way; reading, writing, researching, typing and even speaking in the near future through the computer. I believe that what the computer is to my generation, the telephone was in 1876 to Alexander Graham Bell's generation. It is what "traveling at the speed if light," will be to the twenty third century if we use our technology to benefit and not destroy man and nature.

How I will use the skills and knowledge learned to make a difference in my home, school, and/or community.
I will help teach my family all of my skills and knowledge so that they are as computer literate as I am. By teaching I find my skills are improved also. I will make the difference by making them understand so that they will go into the millennium with knowledge of computers. In my school I would help people who needed help with anything that I could. I will also use my skills to do a good job in class as well as produce a better yearbook. I hope to manage the hockey referee program for the Taos Youth Hockey Association in my last few years of High School. Educating and teaching the rules made me a better player as well as make me understand how hard it is therefore putting my knowledge back into the community. So I want to help the community in every way I can with technology as well as other things that need help. My family's motto is that to get something from the community you have to give something to the community so volunteering is important to our family.