La Plaza featured at Harvard Conference

La Plaza was one of 24 organizations invited to participate in a technology showcase associated with the Harvard Internet and the Public’s Health conference May 30-31st in Cambridge MA. The conference was held in conjunction with Harvard’s third Internet and Society Conference.  Over 500 participants from around the world gathered to examine and discuss the Internet’s impact on society.   The showcase provided an opportunity for participants to view web based health applications.   Barb Hau, La Plaza's cybernurse and Jovanna Poe, La Plaza's Training Learning Center Assistant had a busy 2 days touring La Plaza’s website with participants. Featured were community based health applications including “Strong in Spirit” Native American Diabetes Project  “Meet the Montoya’s bilingual fotonovella, and the Community Wellness Council’s “Health Pages” Directory of Taos County Health and Community Services.

Participants commented again and again that though other showcase websites were impressive, they existed only in cyberspace, providing no locally relevant information. Most everyone visiting our kiosk commented about the “breath of fresh air” i.e. community based information and value added services of public access and Internet training that La Plaza provides.  Participants were from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the U.S., representing health, human service, government, education and the business community. Both Jovanna and Barb came away feeling proud to have been invited to the showcase and having the opportunity to share a bit of Taos and La Plaza Telecommunity with the world!

Take a Tour of Harvard Showcase with Barb and Jovanna

Yes, we were really here, Harvard Yard

The Science Center where the "Showcase" was held

The front door to the Science Center

Showcase kiosks provided by Intel

Jovanna and Barb ready to "show and tell"

Jovanna touring La Plaza's web site with a conference participant.

Afternoon break at the fountain

Barb sharing La Plaza info..

Resting after an exciting and busy day!

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