The Women's Economic Self Sufficiency Team

Building Women and Minority Owned Businesses in New Mexico

WESST corp is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to help women in New Mexico create their own economic security by reducing the risks of starting and owning their own businesses.

Although WESST corp's primary target is to assist lower income, unemployed or underemployed women who are exploring a business idea or who seek assistance growing an existing business, WESST corp's services are available to all New Mexico residents.

WESST corp's main services include:

Business Consulting

WESST corp's business consulting service is a series of one-on-one hour long sessions with an experienced business or professional consultant. These sessions will help you determine the answers and information you need to start or enhance your business.

WESST corp does not do the work for you. Rather you will develop the self-confidence and ability to acquire the necessary knowledge and information to help your self.

With WESST corp's assistance you will learn to:

WESST corp consulting services start with a free mandatory introductory session which is scheduled twice a month. There is an hourly fee for WESST corp's consultation services. The fee is based on a sliding scale according to your income.

Business Training

WESST corp offers workshops and seminars on various business topics which are designed to supplement the knowledge of the small business person.

Training sessions can range from a short basic bookkeeping workshop with individual attention to a multi-part series on sales and marketing with many participants

Training is provided by the WESST corp staff as well as by local and regional business experts.

Through WESST corp's business training activities, participants find out, for example, what makes a successful entrepreneur, why new busineesses fail and how and where to get business financing.

Some recent workshops include:

There is a nominal fee for most business training courses.

Financial Assistance

WESST corp operates a revolving Loan Fund which provides business loans to individuals who are unable to obtain financing from banks or other traditional sources. The maximum loan amount is $5,000, but preference is given to smaller loans. Application to the WESST corp loan fund is more than just filling out an application form. The process includes:

Financial assistance doesn't insure success and neither do we. But WESST corp's Loan Fund program helps reduce the risk of failure by helping you learn the skills that will allow you to make the best use of your resources.

WESST corp also offers assistance to clients in approaching banks and other loan funds.

Taos Wesst Corp Contact:
Clare Zurawski
Regional Manager, Taos
Box 5007 NDCBU (Mail)
105-A Camino de La Placita
Taos, NM 87571

PH: 505-758-3099

For the WESST CORP location nearest you, call: 1-800-GO-WESST (469-3778)

414 Silver Southwest
Albuquerque, NM 87102