Roots 'N Herbs is an active research and education farm located at the base of the Latir Wilderness, 7 miles north of Questa, New Mexico at an elevation of 8,000 feet.

We are currently involved with several projects which aim toward ensuring a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations of our region and beyond. RNH was founded in 1995 and has, in the time since, gone from a seed to a flower bud, nourished by our collective intention to serve our community in the most simple and positive ways.

Through the applied theories and techniques of sustainable agriculture, including permaculture and bio-dynamics, we aim to function as a model of economic and ecological sustainability. One of our primary goals is to provide inspiration and education that people can apply in their own backyards, to create thriving eco-systems which further connect people to their sources of food.

As more people establish their own organic and sustainable methods of producing their food, the less we, as a culture, are dependent upon the destructive and costly forces of modern agriculture. Since our food source is our most important and immediate life sustaining need, then truly, the first vehicle for positive cultural transformation is the establishment of sustainable food systems. It is our goal to unite people in this spirit of ecological wisdom.

Roots 'N Herbs is a project of The Sustainable Education & Resource Center, a division of Southwest Learning Centers, Inc., a non-profit educational organization since 1972.

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