by Dwight

November 26, 1996, Fifth Grade

Long long time ago there was a tribe named Red Willow. There was a family named Moon Light, who was the mother, Standing Deer, who was the father, and Blue Lake Flower, their 10 year old daughter. Some people came from the outer world they called them self Spaniards. They came to the Red Willow village because they wanted to trade with the tribe and they thought the adobe buildings were made of gold because the straw sparkled in the sun light. The Red Willow people thought the Spaniards were very good people.

After a few years the Spaniards started to enslave the tribe. They started to take Moon Light and her little girl out into the corn fields and they took the father out to the middle of the village so he can help make adobe bricks to build the church for the Spanish. Even if the Indians had their own religion, they were forced to be baptized and become Catholics. The Spaniards enslaved the tribe until the sun went down and the moon came out.

When the Indians got back at night to their homes some Indians took some deer hides and went up into the mountains. Some people stayed as slaves in the village thinking the Spaniards were going to let them go. Moon Light and her family went up into the mountains but the father went back down to the village to go get some baskets and Mocassinss. He was walking down next to the water by the Spanish tents one man got up to use the bathroom when he went outside he saw a dark shadow. It was walking a little fast. The Spanard walked up behind Standing Deer and beat him up.

The next morning he did not return to the mountains so Moon light and Blue Lake Flower started to walk down by the village when they saw the tribe standing in a big circle in the circle was a ax and a stomp. They saw the father tied to a chair. He had his foot on the stomp. The men came into the middle of the circle one of the men lifted up the ax he dropped the ax on one of Standing Deer's ankle. After they got done they wrapped up his ankle.

Five men went half of a mile into the woods. There they saw Moon light and her little girl so they snuck up behind them. The little girl ran away before they would catch her. They took her mom down to the village and they raped her. After they raped her they made her brush the horse. They locked her in a little house and they went to go look for the five girls. They were Blue Lake Flower's friends.

The five girls met at the tree house. They saw foot steps in the mud they looked in a branchy tree and they saw the tree house and the girl's came down. They raped them and let them go. When the men went back down Moonlight had a very bad disease from the horse and she died ten days latter. Blue Lake Flower lived happily ever after in the woods with her friends.