by Dylan

November 22, 1996, Fifth Grade

A long time ago in 1516 we lived in peace until the Spanish heard from Cristopher Columbus that there is a different world. So Spanish people started going everywhere. Out of all places they came here to our Red Willow pueblo. My aunts and uncles had a hard time following the Spanish. Before I tell you any more I'm going to tell you my name is Black Mountian Dirt.

Men in shiny armor used us to work for them. My mom and dad ran into the mountains and never came back. The Spanish probably killed them but I did not know any thing. I trid to escape one night but the Spanish had mean dogs and horses. After they caught me they broke my foot. It was hard to walk but when I turned 14 I started to walk again. The Spanish left for a few months and come back. We had burnd down the church. The Spanish got mad and started a war. Thay killed innocent people that did not do anything. They chained us up and made us work for them and carry things like food, guns and armor in chains. The Spanish whipped us while we were working for them. Spanish people thought we had gold but we didn't have any gold. My younger brother Winter Wolf thought Spanish people were nice but my brother is always wrong.

One night a Spanish soldier came on a horse with a bowl of soup for me and my brother. He jumped off as he came through the door. I threw him down. I got his gun and jumped on his horse. I pulld my brother up. We both took off into the moutains. We both found our mom and dad.

Two years later we came back to the village. The whole village was bombed and full of smoke. Hardly any people lived. Some people were hurt, some people weren't. After a few yers passed we started making a new village farther down the river.