by Gerran

December 2, 1996

Once there was a family who lived in the pueblo by the river. The mom and dad were very old the dad was one of the tribal leaders in the peoblo. One day one of the messengers saw a group of people with shiny armor. This is not the first time the Spanish had come to trade the last time they were very friendly.

They were going toward the village the messenger told the tribal leaders that some men were coming some of the men got their weapons ready in case of a attack. The worriors went to hide in the trees. The Spanish had come they said they wanted to trade Silent Deer said “I don't trust them no more”. The Spanish were saying something to each other the tribal leaders were afraid that they were going to do something but they did not now what. The Spanish pulled out a knife and killed Silent Deer the warriors came running out of the trees shooting their bows and arrows.

The Spanish had some kind of metal object that the people had never seen before it sounded like thunder it was killing most of the warriors. The village people were out numbered so they told the wemen and children to run to the mountains. All the women and children went in separate directions. The Spanish were shooting the women and children from long distance killing them one by one. Some of them got away and some of the men survived the battle. The Spanish went back to Spain.