The Land of the Red Willow People

by Ilona

November 22, 1996, Fifth Grade

A long time ago in the 1500 there was a tribe named The Red Willow People. When the Spanish came there was a girl named Pretty Plum. She knew that something bad was going to happen to the tribe. She tried to tell the leaders but they didn't believe her, then a few weeks later the Spanish came because they had heard that there was gold in the Pueblos because we had hay in the adobes and they thought that when the sun shined it looked liked gold.

When the Spanish came they had brought lots of good food and many things like horses to carry different sorts of things and to travel, candles, other kinds of meat, fruits and coffee. The Native leaders thought that the Spanish were very nice and they were good people. But they were wrong.

In a few weeks the people started to wonder about the Spanish because they were real secretive about talking around the native people. Soon the leaders started to tell their clans that they should tell the Spanish to go back where they came from. When the leaders told the people that it was already to late because it was like the Spanish were incharge because all the people were following the Spanish instead of their own tribal traditions and leaders. The Spanish missionaries goal was to convert the native people into the Catholic religion and to forget their old ways of life.

Then soon after that the tribal leaders called a meeting for all 5 clans together. As they were talking Pretty Plum asked her father to tell the men that she had a plan that the people could go up into the mountains till the Spanish leave. But that night they had that meeting a Sargent heard them and told his Captain.

The next morning Pretty plum and her family and everybody were getting ready to go, but then they heard a scream. Everybody looked out of there houses and saw all of the leaders of the clans hung in the middle of the Pueblo.

After that the Spanish told the people that they had heard what they were going to do. The Spanish told the people that you are ours now and you shall do what ever we say and we can do what ever we want with you and your children this is what gods purpose for our being here.

A month past and the Spanish had taken over the land and the people. The people already had built one church. So many people had been killed because they either didn't want to believe in the catholic religion or they did not want to work for the Spanish missionaries.

Pretty Plum was not happy about the way things were going because she and her friend flower were starving because the food that the native people picked was for the Spanish . So one day while her and her friend were picking corn in the fields they were so hungry that they thought that they could probably steal a corn but a Sargent General was walking around in the corn fields and he caught them and then he reported them and they whipped the girls. Pretty Plum was lucky because she was let go, but for her friend she was raped and killed.

When Pretty Plum got home she found her sister crying. Pretty Plum asked her little sister why she was crying, she told her that the Spanish took their parents and they haven't been back since. Pretty Plum thought that her parents were dead so she packed her sister up and they left to the mountains. They lived in the mountains for about 2 years.

But one day a messenger came to her saying that the people regained all the land heading towards the mountains. Because the Native people pushed them off their land. Pretty Plum decided to come down. When her and her sister came down from mountains it took them about a month to find their parents. Finally one day a man and women came up to Pretty Plums house. The women had been beaten and as for the man he was also beaten. Pretty plum didn't recognize them at first but then finally she notice and was filled with joy to have her mother and father back.

After that the Pueblo people regained the land they built another pueblo farther down the mountain. But because it was so long since they have been away it took time to get to bring back the joy before the Spanish had ever came.