By Jade

November 21, 1996

A long time ago there were twins that were from the Red Willow tribe. There names were Butterfly and Red rock there parents got killed by Spanish people. Butterfly and Red rock got scared and went up to the mountains and look down and saw men with shiny armor that the men were caring in there hands. Red rock went to go find some food for Butterfly and her. When Red rock saw the men walking up to the mountains the girls ran up higher. They stopped running, they looked down and saw the men again. The girls ran down to the village and hid in their house the men came back and found them. The soldiers whipped the two girls then sold them to slavery.

One year later the girls managed to escape to Arizona. They met some friends that came with another tribe and their names are Pretty flower and Red birds. The girls asked their friends if they could stay with them. Their friends said yes you can stay with us. The to girls told their friends not to tell anybody that they are staying with them.

A year had past and the two girls had been in Arizona for about six months. Pretty Flower and Red Bird's grandma had taken Butterfly and Red Rock in to her house. While Red Rock and Butterfly were in Arizona they worked for Pretty Flower and Red Bird's grandma. The Spanish people never came back and the girls lived in peace for once in their life.