She Who Brought Gold to the North East

by Jordan

November 7, 1996, Fifth Grade

Long ago in an old old village there lived a very important family. They were very religious. They never missed a religious doing. They lived happily with thier two children Standing on the Sun and Dancing for the Moon.

One day a man came into the village and in a weird toughue. He said something with his hands and his mouth. Standing on the sun and I did not understand. But we got the impretion that he was saying I come in peace to trade with you.

Our mother and father told Standing on the Sun and I to go to the highest part of the village and look out toward the place were the white man had come from. When we got there we saw a whole army of white men with weapons that shined and knifes that glittered in the sun. We hurried down to the bottom of the village to tell our mother and father what we saw but when we got there, there was no one in sight except our mother on her knees holding our father in here arms. We knew the white man had killed our father for there was a knife stuck in our fathers chest like the ones we saw from the roof. There were tears in my mothers words as she told us how the white man had killed our father.

She said that we will fight but when we told her what we saw from the rough she became silent like a little mouse at work. Then she spoke very sympal and said they will try to take away or religion and kill us. While she spoke I saw the whole army of white men coming in the village I asked my mother what they were doing she said they are taking over because we have no weapons. We are just farmers, not killers.

Then I asked my mother why she had said we will fight them. She said Dancing for the moon I meant we will try to fight them.

As the white men came closer we went to our hut and said we will send messengers to all our brothers in our nation and ask for help.

The days went by and the white men took over our village raped the women and sold children as slaves because we did not want to do what the white men had wanted us to do. they also took my sister Standing on the Sun. My mother cried and cried and so did I.

Then she said to me go to the top of the mountain so I can see that you are safe with mother earth. I did as I was told but I went to a friends house instead. As I was going I thought of ways I could trick the white men. Then it hit me the white men had come for gold though I did not know what gold was I decided I must give it a try even if it means I die. So early the next morning I went to the white mans camp and with my mouth and my hands I motioned that there was gold in the north east then I went on with my business.

The white men spoke again in a tongue I did not understand. Then day light came and I went to look toward the white mans camp to see if my plan had worked.

It did work, the white men were gone and in their place were all kinds of things. Clothes, seeds, animals, knifes, guns and they even brought back my sister Standing on the Sun. I went from my friends house to the pile of things and took what I needed and went back to my mothers house. She looked at me and said you have come back but where did you get this stuff I told her the story of how I had tricked the white men into thinking that there was gold in the north east.

Then she said you shall be remembered as she who brought the gold to the north east.