by Kateri

November 21, 1996, 5th grade

Long, long ago there lived a family who had 2 children. One was a boy and one was a girl. There names were Spotted Eagle and Pretty Butterfly Flower. They were from the Red Willow tribe. To the Red Willow people all animals were living spirits.

So it was a honor to be named after an animal. The Red Willow people lived off the land and planted corn, pumpkins, and squash. The Spanish Missionaries helped the Red Willow people plant the corn, pumpkins, and squash. The Spanish also brought apples, beets, cabbage, strawberries and peaches. In trade for what they thought was gold shining in the adobe plaster. The shiny stuff that was in the adobe plaster was straw.

The family was very,very,scared. Because the Spanish had guns and shiny armor. The Spanish went house to house looking for children so that they could sell them into slaves beacuse they wanted money. And they also forced the Red Willow people to build a church for them.

The Red Willow People did not want to build a church but they had no choice what so ever. The Spanish also forced the Red Willow people to believe in the Catholic Religion. The Red Willow people had a different kind of religion to believe in. And a different kind of church that they went to once a year in August. The other church and religion they believed in was Blue Lake.

The Red Willow people only went to church once a year while the Spanish Missionaries went to church every Sunday. Spotted Eagle thought that it was weird to go to church every Sunday. And he also thought the Saint statues that the Spanish Missionaries were taking in to the church were weird to. But the two most weirdest things to Spotted Eagle were the chime bells and holly water sprinklers he thought why have water sprinklers when we have a river running right through our village. While him his mother and father were walking to the river. They heard about three gun shots and they heard a lady crying so Spotted Eagle's father went running to where the lady was crying. It was Spotted Eagle's father's brothers wife crying beacuse Spotted Eagles ucle had got shot by two Spanish Missionaries.

Spotted Eagles Father went up to the two Spanish Missionaries who had killed his brother and said. You have killed my brother why did you do such a thing? And the Spaniard answered, OhÓ shut up you ugly savage, I killed your brother because he wasn't doing his job right. Spotted Eagles father said that gives you no right at all to kill my brother.

Meanwhile Spotted Eagle and his Mother were walking to the river to get some water they heard a gun fire. Spotted Eagle saw his mother glance up and start to run back to there home and she was crying. Pretty Butterfly Flower said what is wrong mom ? Their mother said your father got shot.

A few days later their mother got shot too. They were not scared beacuse they always knew their mother, father, and uncle's spirits were with them. They did not want to live around the village and be called savages so they moved up in to the mountains. They both lived together in peace and in harmony.

The End!