The Long Indian War

by Kyle

November 21, 1996, 5th Grade

In the 1830's there was a tribe called the Red Willow people. The tribe lived happy and peacefully until the Spanish came back. That is when a family heard that the Spanish was coming back to their land. That is when Buffalo Boy, Aspen Girl and Sunflower told the people and the leaders that the Spanish were coming.

So the people started to pack and when there were done packing the started to go up to their sacred Blue Lake to be safe from the Spanish. Then the men that were not afraid and strong stayed to defeat the Spanish. There were a lot that stayed to kill and to protect the people so the Spanish does not go to find them up in Blue Lake.

So the men came up to get the people because they thought that the Spanish were gone. They went up to get their tribe and told them that it was ok to come back to the village. But when they got there the Spanish were already bombing the village so the women and children went into the church that the people had to build for the Spanish.

Buffalo Boy said hurry so the women and children stayed in the church but the Spanish new that the women and children were in the church so they bombed the the church and most of the children and women died and the men were so angry that they killed most of the Spanish.

Today that church that our ancestors, brothers and sisters who died was buried in there so our tribe thought that our people that die should be buried in there with our ancestors, brothers and sisters and that is now our cemetary. But Buffalo Boy, Aspen Girl and Sunflower and their mom and dad did not die.