by Lavette

November 21, 1996, 5th Grade

Long ago there lived the Red Willow people. They here attacked by some other people that called theirself Spanish. The spanish also brought good things like horses, corn, sheep, and medicine. They also brought bad things like guns, diseases, and alcohol. They tried to make the Red Willow people into slaves and called them savages and the Red Willow didn't like it.

Sunflower and White Hawk wer Buttercup and Snow Hawk's mom and dad. Buttercup and Snow Hawk's mom and dad had been killed when the Spanish came. Sunflower and White Hawk had tried to excape to the mountains but the Spanish caught them and killed them. So the kids were all alone. Buttercup and Snow Hawk started to cry and scream. The kids thought of their parents. Buttercup and Snow Hawk did not feel like doing anything.

Then Buttercup and Snow Hawk escaped to the mountains so they would not be treated like slaves and be called saveges. Buttercup and Snow Hawk hunted for their food and they drank water from the river and mountain streams. Buttercup and Snow Hawk forgot all the bad things that happened in the past. Buttercup and Snow Hawk thought about their mom and dad but not very often. Buttercup and Snow Hawk would sing and dance all over the place. So Buttercup and Snow Hawk would be happy whereever they went.

The next day Buttercup and Snow Hawk felt very happy. Snow Hawk went to get some deer and elk meat from the moutain for their breakfest. Buttercup went to go get some water from the river. Then Buttercup and Snow Hawk ate and went to go get some wood to build their new home for the winter so they wouldn't get cold in the night like they did the other nights. Buttercup and Snow Hawk stayed there until the winter was over for them.

This day was a different day for them it was spring. It was so pretty outside. Buttercup and Snow Hawk went to find a lake to swim in. So they found one and they felt so hot but suddenly they Spanish came to secach for Buttercup and snow Hawk. TheSpanish found them and took them back to the village and the Spanish wiped them and forbid them to go outside.

Then the sister and brother thought about their mom and dad. Buttercup said that she wished that here mom and dad was still alive and that she misses them very much. She said a prayer for them. They started to cry and threw things around. They disobeyed the Spanish and ran way from them. They didn't get too far from the village. Suddenly the Spanish caught them and killed them and they were with their parents up in heaven.