The Day the Men Came

by Marc

November 21, 1996

One morning my sister and I woke up. The house was quiet we looked every where even out side. The only thing we saw was some tall men in armor. The men rushed towards us. I had heard of these men. They had come before I was born the men called them selves conquistadors. The men caught us and took us to the corn fields. There was our parents they smiled at us as they got whipped. We looked at the tall men. The men spoke a tongue I had never heard. I slipped out of the mans hand and ran towards the hills .

There we slep for the night . The next day we went down to the village like yesterday it was a dream but it was not a dream. There stood the tall men in armor. We snuck in to one of the houses. We saw some women cooking. I spoke why are you cooking. For the men they said. Why cook for them. They made us cook for them. It is a awful thing that has happened. Why did they come here. I do not know but I hope they leave. They have cost us great trouble and are not that nice to us. Where are all the warriors they have gotten killed and the young men have been made to go hunt in the woods. Said the women

So we quickly snuck out of the house as soon as we were out we ran across the plaza. In to another house, our house. There was a old women she was our grandma. Grandma grandma what has happened to this place. Long time before you were born some men came to trade we didn't want to. The men did not get angry. They just left. The only thing they said was they would return and not nicely. Last night they came in like a giant had stepped on a ant pile. So that's how it started. The men have also brought goods like cherry seeds and spices like basil and nuts metal knives and beads and took the skin from the cattle and improved our mocisins. They also brought cattle like horses and pigs. Just then the the tall men came with priests and took us to a place they called church then they made us do prayers and they rubbed holy water on us.

They came out with a big statue we prayed to it. Then we left. Mean while The men in the corn fields let our parents go home the next morning we woke up in the forest there were are Mother and father. I asked them why are we here. Because of the men. We are going to live here till the men leave. So we lived up in the mountains till the men left and had a happy life.