White Deer, Black Deer and the Spaniards

by Richard

December 3, 1996, 5th Grade

Once in a time in the middle of the 15-1600's in the old Taos Pueblo. Spaniards came and brought food like apples, beef, chickens and some more other food. White Deer and Black Deer's parents had gotten killed by the Spaniards who wanted to trade with them. The Spaniards chained White Deer and Black Deer up so they couldn't get away. That same night their parents had gotten killed.

Their father and their mother came to them in their sleep and said. Our to sons you can escape from the Spanish men if you try to brake chains they put on you. The way to brake your chains is put them under the big rock that they tell you to brake with iron picks. So the next morning White Deer and Black Deer were trying to brake their chains on the big rock. White Deer thought of something that he said to Black Deer put your chains on the big rock and he did.

White Deer picked up the iron pick and swung it to the chain and the chain broke. White Deer told Black Deer to do the same thing that he did to him he said OKAY. Then so he did the same thing that he did to him. They escaped from them and got on their own horses at their house. They took their dog out of the cage that the Spanish put their dog in.

The Spanish never fed the dogs that were in the cages so some of them died of starvation and some broke out of the cages and turn wild and kill other dogs. Well any way when they got their dog they took off in to the forest on their horses, because their dad built a cabin in the forest. When they got half way to the cabin they saw a bear that was fishing at a near by river.

They both were looking at the fish what the bear was catching and they were starting to get hungry and cold. So White Deer started to make a camp he told Black Deer to go get some wood and I will catch some fish so we can eat tonight. So he did but little did they know the Spaniards already knew that they escaped. When White Deer went and made the fire the Spaniards saw it and they got on their horses and started going there. When they got there they already took off on their horses to the cabin. It took an hour to get there. They went into the cabin.

Five minutes later they heard a knock on the door Black Deer answered it the captain of the Spaniards pulled Black Deer out of the house. One of the Spanish men said to White Deer come out and surrender to us.

If you don't we will take your brother and whip him till he dies. White Deer said OKAY. I surrender but their dog started to bite the Spaniards one of the Spaniards almost killed their dog. But White Deer got his gun and shot the Spaniards. When the slaves were free they always visited the two brothers and their dog killed the Spaniards.