Blue Flower and White Flower

by Sunshine

November 26, 1996, Fifth Grade

A long time ago in the 1860's there were two girls. Their names were Blue Flower and White Flower who were sisters. They went to their hogan and they saw white men at their hogan. They hid from the white men and the white men soldiers went down the Gorge to find more of the Navahos. Blue Flower and White Flower went to tell their parents that the white men were coming to take us away from Chinle. The white men are going to take us to Fort Sumner. We are going to live in the gorge they saw a big cave and they made a rock house for the Navahos to live inside so they could be protected from the white men soldiers.

The white men soldiers came to Chinle to see if the Navajo went to the gorge and they found us and they took one of our men from the tribe because he wasn't in his house. Blue Flower and White Flower left the village and tried to find there father. They saw the white men holding there father and the white men asked there father where are the rest of the Navahos. There father spoked Navajo and the white men dragged him around in circles. They said if you don't tell me were the rest of the Navahos are, you will die and you will never ever see your family ever ever again. Blue Flower and White Flower got so scared they started to run and got caught by two other white men.

The white men found the Navahos at the Gorge and the white men took them to Fort Sumner.