Taos High School Net Day

crew On Saturday, March 27th, students, teachers, administrators and community volunteers came together to help hook Taos High School up into the 21st century.

The Taos Education Boosters led by Betsy Martinez joined forces with high school personnel led by JoAnn Romero helped organize Net Day at the high school. The many volunteers were served food donated by Furr's, Denny's, Schlotzsky's and Pizza Emergency. 



Ed Ramsey, Technology Coordinator for the Taos Public Schools made sure that the necessary technical people and equipment were on hand to help the many volunteers wire the school. 

NetDay is a historic grassroots effort in the classic American barn-raising tradition. The goal is to install all the basic wiring needed to make classrooms, libraries and computer labs in every school Internet-ready. 

ed and friends

barry,carlos,melissa Taos High School Net Day volunteers helped save the school district and taxpayers thousands of dollars.  To all the volunteers, Thank you!  Your participation was crucial to the successful wiring of the high school.

Here are more photos.

group betsy,goldberg


on ladder Guy Matthews