Directory of Diabetes Education Services
Understanding Diabetes Education Services

Diabetes Education Services

All the health professionals in this directory can help you learn how to manage diabetes to stay healthy. It may be useful to know that:

A special Word About Support Groups

Diabetes support groups are sometimes led by a health professional and sometimes are simply a group of people with diabetes who get together to share information, tips, and friendship. Support groups are a wonderful Opportunity to learn how others cope with diabetes, to hear about resources and events related to diabetes in your community, and to share the challenges and successes of living with diabetes. Support groups are usually free and open to all interested persons, including family members.

If a support group exists in your community, consider taking advantage of it! If there is no support group in your community, consider starting one! The American Diabetes Association (ADA) offers a one-day training program on how to lead a support group. For information, call the ADA office in Albuquerque, 266-5716 or 1-800-342-2383.

Diabetes Information and

Action Line


D.l.A.L. is the American Diabetes Association's information and referral program for people with diabetes, their families, medical professionals and the general public.

D.l.A.L. links callers with trained personnel who offer information on healthful cooking, the latest in diabetes research, and support groups, and who make referrals to medical professionals and diabetes education programs.





In the Albuquerque area, please call 266-5716

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